Tim Dyson, Principal of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Tim Dyson, Principal of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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Meteorites – Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

Examples of Meteorites

Examples of Meteorites

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth for You:  

David has been using and working with crystals since he was a child. He used to own and run one of the biggest retail specialist crystal showrooms in the north of England and only offers very special or unusual gems, stones, crystals and meteorites as they become available. He would be very happy to help you choose something through guidance, that matches the vibration that you need at this time. 

Charged with Light:   

All items are charged with Emerald Heart Light and they can be re-charged on the FREE LIGHT TRANSMISSIONS at the Equinoxes and Solstices. Just sign up for the FREE Light Transmission, place your Emerald, Meteorite or Crystal in a sacred place to receive the Light, and they will be fully re-charged.

Meteorites:  Meteorites are rare, arriving here from outer space, bringing with them unique and powerful energies.

Currently available are iron meteorites from the Campo del Cielo find in Argentina.

Pendants and Chunks:  

These meteorites are great to wear, hold or just keep in your pocket as they are very tactile. As you tune in to them you experience the density and mass which is powerful and grounding. Another aspect is the speed at which they collided with the earth, this brings direction and focus.

They feel like they were destined to be here and came as quickly as they could. Therefore this is a fantastic item for working in this present age, where speed of development is being driven by the fast changes in Universal Consciousness. The meteorite helps you find direction in life and clarity of focus whilst grounding you into the reality of the earth realm, which in turn helps you with manifestation process

Meteorites are sold by the gramMeteorites are sold by the gram.

Examples of Meteorites shown above. Prices vary between £18.00 and £55.00 based on weight. Please contact David and he will ask the Guidance to select one for you.