From The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, the Universe offers you a beautiful new Healing System The - Divine Plan - given in simplicity directly from The Source.

As we fully immerse ourselves in the Light of this New Era and ride this amazing and rapidly accelerating Wave of Time,
The - Divine Plan - Healing System has been presented as a new paradigm in healing, allowing us all the opportunity of stepping into a Light that opens your heart to tremendous opportunities and spiritual growth.

A Paradigm Shift

What does ‘A Paradigm Shift’ really mean?

It means when something new happens or comes along which completely changes the way we look at the world; or completely changes the way that something works. Essentially it is a shift in consciousness and those who are ready to adopt and run with the new consciousness will sweep away everything that went before them, as they learn to fly with a new idea, concept or paradigm.

The - Divine Plan - is just that. It is a new Healing System that goes beyond everything that came before, It has been gifted directly to humanity through a chosen person who is illuminated by The Emerald Heart Light.

Get out of the way!… and Witness God doing the work!

The - Divine Plan - has been seeded to Earth through Lynne Shaw, an Elder and carrier of The Emerald Heart Light, which is a Light for the evolution of human consciousness. This healing method offers the most amazingly powerful, yet simple system. The message for humanity within The - Divine Plan - is simply, ‘Get out of the way and Witness God doing the work.’

In the emerging consciousness of the precious feminine energies of this age, Guidance gave these words, as it whispered the coming of this New Dawn to Lynne.

“We offer to you, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine,
weaving together to reach a place of perfect harmony and peace in your world.”

Rather than actually doing the healing, the Healer becomes an initiator of a beautiful process that fully connects the client directly into the Universe via their own Higher Self, where the Higher Self communicates directly with Universal Consciousness, to enable the perfect healing process. The healer does not heal, but simply becomes The Witness.

They also become the Bridge between Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine, allowing these two aspects of divine consciousness to enter the healing space, supported by a third aspect, The Wisdom Stream, which connects the heart of the client directly through the heart of The Witness and the heart of The Universe.

Your Attunement to The Path of Light

To practice the system, you will receive an Attunement to open the Path of Light within your heart. The Path of Light was guided and developed through David Ashworth, the original channel and bringer of The Emerald Heart Light to earth in January 2005. The Path of Light is the most profound connection into the heart of the Universe; into the heart of love of all humankind, and into the hearts of love of all the Divine Teachers who have all walked the earth before us.

In this magnificent system, born on the wings of this New Era, the opportunities that open for your personal and spiritual development are limitless. Each time you initiate and witness a healing, the Light of the - Divine Plan - will open your heart a little more, bringing Divine change into your life. As each petal of your heart opens, you will carry and radiate more Light into the world, and particularly into the lives of those who are close to you. You become a Transmitter of Light as the Path of Light streams through you and your transformation will be endless.

  • The - Divine Plan - has arrived
  • It has been sent to open the hearts of humanity
  • It illuminates you more each time you work with it.

Further Information:

For those who enter training, there is a compulsory Three Sessions of Mentoring, one month apart, so that the Teacher may ensure that you are moving forward correctly and also to answer any questions that you may have. This is charged at the teacher’s hourly rate.

This three month period is also your probationary period, where we assess how you work with the light and guide you to a successful position. Upon successful completion of your probationary period, the following will apply.

You will be listed as an Emerald Heart - Divine Plan - Witness on our website,. This is your absolute guarantee that you are recognised by The Emerald Heart.