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David Ashworth. Founder of the Emerald Heart School and original channel for the Emerald Heart Light.

Sentinel Essences

May 2005. The Sentinels connect your heart to Heaven (Light) and Earth (Energy) bringing the Father and Mother together in your heart, creating you as a bridge between Heaven and Earth and resulting in a heart opening...

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All essences in this range are £20 (plus P & P)


After receiving this energy signature, it gestated for a full nine months before I was given the reading. Many other experiences needed to unfold and be shown to me in order ...

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Sentinel Connection

Grounding you into the Substance and Strength of the Earth mother. Allowing you to see a clear Path. Inner expansion.

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Becoming one with the Earth Mother to be able to hold and channel Light. Unification of the three elements of Heaven, Earth and Ourselves. Uplifiting and Nurturing.

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Creation Point

The Fire of Creation - Renewal. The Internalised Fire. The Spark of Initiation. That which opens the Doors from Inner to Outer. That which activates the Creative Force.

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Pythios - Apollo

The God Apollo is the Greek personification of the Logos before the birth of Jesus. Pythios is his name.

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The Golden Key

The Golden Key is a combination of the first 5 Sentinel Essences. "Completion, Unification, Connection, Creation and Pythios". The Sources of these essence...

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The word Re-Connection suggests that we have...

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Serenity helps open the heart to an inner state of grace.

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