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David Ashworth -
Founder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and original channel for the Emerald Heart Light.

Emerald Heart Essences

In 2012, The Emerald Heart Essences began to come through and were a great connection into the cosmic ride of unfolding Universal Consciousness, connecting our hearts in to the Great Universal Game. The Guidance calls all...

Wheel of Light | Sentinel | Extreme | Time and Space | Flowers of Life | Darshan | Elemental Angels | Emerald Heart | Rebirth | Devic | Bach Flower Essences |

All essences in this range are £20 (plus P & P)

Emerald Heart Light

An essence of Pure Divine Liquid Light that you can Program yourself to help you overcome any situation.

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Light of My Heart

This essence activates an evolutionary process within your heart, which may continue to unfold for years to come.

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Heart to Heart

The second part of the Light of My Heart Process. This reinforces the pathways that the first essence opened.

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Heart Search

A searching Light that plumbs the depths of the heart, seeking out old energies and releasing them. It offers you freedom and growth. Allow your heart to sing to the tune of ...

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Prince of Light

The only way to know this Light is through the heart. Even then, it is an experience that you cannot describe to anyone who has not experienced it themselves.

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The Essence of Magnificence opens the heart to the true magnificence within. Helps you experience yourself in a new way - a Re-born way.

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With Love from me to you

This essence is  given to illuminate our Higher-selves, so that the Higher-self of each individual can open and help you in your own individual way.

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Helps you to see yourself in a clearer light, it will also help you to love yourself more, as you see your own magnificence, your own radiance, your own beauty.

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Heart Peace

Allow your heart to open to the simple Inner Peace that you carry at the core of your being, the Peace that we all seek on an inner level.

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Dragon Fire

This essence is about the partnership of love that goes beyond words and largely goes beyond the senses of most humans. It opens the love within.

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This essence is love on the deepest of human levels. It is the blending of opposites. It is the purest love of the Earth Spirit, offering the power to bond hearts.

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The Mary Line

This essence carries with it, such a depth of love, that you have never felt or witnessed before, but this is opening to us now, in the birth of a new age.

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Heart of Fire

Helps you bring focus into your life for any measure of achievement that you set your heart to. It has a deep driving force of love, moving in the right direction.

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VISION will help you go beyond your limitations as it opens your heart to a greater perception of what is waiting for you, if you can only learn to reach for it.

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Accepting the state of Grace within. Your inner state of Grace is a Divine quality of Light that you carry. Once you accept this, then you shine more brightly.

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The Pure Power of Intention

By the pure power of intention, emotion falls away and only the state of Being remains and with that also the acting from this state of Being.

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The essence Trust pulls you through a challenging phase and also helps you to embrace the subsequent situation from a place of silent strength.

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