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David Ashworth -
Founder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and original channel for the Emerald Heart Light.

Wheel of Light Essences

Easter Monday 2004 and out of the blue three essences were given in as many minutes, birthing the Wheel of Light Essences into David's heart. Enlightenment, Awareness and Quickening. These will begin a serious acceleration...

Wheel of Light | Sentinel | Extreme | Time and Space | Flowers of Life | Darshan | Elemental Angels | Emerald Heart | Rebirth | Devic | Bach Flower Essences |

All essences in this range are £20 (plus P & P)


When you take this essence it is like sending out an S.O.S. to the Angels, the essence puts the light into you and then your higher-self transmits its message.

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Use this essence over a period of weeks to bring the aura into a state of tune, which can be extremely solid and robust in the way that it can maintain its strength of purpos...

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This essence will awaken you to the misery that you create for yourself, and point out the magnificence which can be yours if you wake up.

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Beacon of Light

Create silence within yourself so that you can feel your reverence. You must feel you are worthy. This state will then allow tranquillity to emerge.

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This essence opens the heart to inner peace and through this inner peace you are shown the gateway to truth.

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This Tower of Strength breaks down illusions allowing you to stand with clarity, which is needed to discern what is you, as distinct from your ego and projections,

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Helps release you from carrying the heavy load of life. Pulls you out of the deeper, heavier energies, bringing you into pure and simple light. Now Rest.

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When in difficulty or doubt, when a decision needs to be made; when Guidance needs to be sought, then the Essence of Discernment will help you to see the pathway.

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Helps you find the path your life wishes to take, as determined by the guidance of your eternal life, which is always trying to bring you information.

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Circle of Life

Death and Rebirth. Manifesting yourself into the flow of life, allowing yourself to become life as life becomes you. Melting into the process of oneness to become more whole....

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Slows you down and brings guidance to allow balance to occur in all decision making processes. It allows you to be open to suggestion from others. Helps access your wisdom.

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Completion - W-o-Light

Completion unites your Inner Being with your Outer Self. Opens aspects of your consciousness on every level to bring you to a state of completion. Smooth and effortless.

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Connection - W-o-Light

From the Giant's Causeway, this essence pushes you upwards from darkness into Light, bringing transformation, underpinned with structure, form and strength.

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Illuminates your path and your lessons as well as helping you to see the lessons of others. Brings illumination to life.

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A Cleanser, Healer and Balancer, it brings you into the moment, showing you what you are learning, while you are leaning it. Accelerates your perfection.

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Inner Silence

Helps shield and protect you. It puts a screen up within your energy field to dilute, disempower and reflect unwanted signals. Harmonises your natural vibrations

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