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David Ashworth. Founder of the Emerald Heart School and original channel for the Emerald Heart Light.

Wheel of Light Essences

Easter Monday 2004 and out of the blue three essences were given in as many minutes, birthing the Wheel of Light Essences into David's heart. Enlightenment, Awareness and Quickening. These will begin a serious acceleration...

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All essences in this range are £20 (plus P & P)


Bringing the Light closer... This essence activates energies in the crown chakra which generate golden Angelic frequencies. This golden light then radiates o...

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This essence works primarily in the aura. It cleanses and pushes out heavier energies to leave the aura vibrant and tuned to a fine pitch. It activates the electro-magnetic f...

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This is a potent essence for Spiritual Evolution, not suitable for everyone as it can have a very powerful effect on the heart chakra. Quickening is an archaic term...

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Beacon of Light

The Teaching I am the Old Lady and I demand respect. I do not give my secrets away easily or lightly. In here (within the labyrinth) you will discover the need ...

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Looking into the heart, one finds the true place of both peace and power. The two go hand in hand. The truth within each is incomplete and unbalanced without the other. ...

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The Great Pyramid of Cheops is a testament to truth. It is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. In fact, the only one remaining, and if it's story had come down to ...

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This essence is light and delicate in contrast to some of the more complex and deeper seeking essences of the Wheel of Light repertoire, which is a pleasant balancer, opening...

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The Guides Speak: "Spend time to reflect on the amalgamation of unions.

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The Guides Speak Eternity is a long time, as time is measured in Earth terms. But in truth, eternity isn't time. Eternity j...

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Circle of Life

This essence is about death and rebirth. Friends and loved ones waving farewell to those who are departing onto the journey into the future. Into the others worlds.

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At Stanton Drew, an invisible Shakespearian-like plot unfolds in the landscape. There is the King and his Courtiers, the Lady in White, the Jesters and the Wise Council. ...

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After receiving this energy signature, it gestated for a full nine months before I was given the reading. Many other experiences needed to unfold and be shown to me in order ...

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Wheel of Light Connection

Oozing from beneath the waves, The Giant's Causeway paves. His Earthful footsteps trod, Upon this Emerald Sod. Where Earth meets sea, meets sky...

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Let the light of compassion shine within the hearts of mankind. Allow the light to arrive within your soul. Allow the light to awaken...

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The Braaid is one of the most powerful and functional places I have ever experienced, coupled with an energetic clarity and precision which is a joy to have witnessed and und...

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Inner Silence

Gwal-y-Filiast, meaning The Lair of the Greyhound, has physical and spiritual properties. The Spiritual: Inner Silence is where you perceive the signs and he...

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