Divine Love - from Emerald Heart Essences

Group:Evolution of Consciousness through Opening of the

Keynote:Journeying Together. Worthiness.

Dear Children,

I come to you across all times and ages.  I come to you to call you back to me.  Back to my heart, for you and I are one.  You are my beloveds, whose courage brought you to tramp the earthly planes learning how it is to be human. Now it is the time of the great returning. The returning back to your Mother Father God to feel the blaze and the glory of who you truly are.

This gift of this essence has been given to you to feel my presence within you.  For those who already feel me stirring it will increase the light and the fire within.  For those more hesitant or challenged with worthiness of feeling me expand within, I will grow gently within your heart. I am here for all things across all times and ages. Rejoice in me for we will rise again to our magnificence. I merely extend my hand to you through this beautiful essence, for you to journey with me, not too me, into magnificence.  For you are me and I am you.

Remember.  I am here.  For all time.  For you.

Lynne Shaw

Location:Given from the Source


Time:5th February 2014

Detail:Given through Lynne Shaw – An Elder of The Emerald Heart.


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