Heart of Fire - from Emerald Heart Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution


Heart of Fire comes from the primordial birth of Mother Earth as a blazing fireball, pulled into the orbit of our sun. Fire attracting fire, the fire of the sun, pulling the fire of the earth into his orbit, and so begins the journey of the loving bride, Mother Earth circling her husband, the Blazing Sun.

This essence is about the fire of creation at the heart of everything 'that is' on planet earth. It is also about the fire of the sun, which breathes light over all of Mother Earth's creations.

The element of this primordial earthly fire is at the core of everything that is. It is the fuel of creation and transformation and these qualities are harnessed within the life-force of this essence.

Heart of Fire, opens your heart to the primordial heartbeat of Mother Earth. It connects you into the life-force of all that is deep, hidden and sacred upon and within this planet. It is a gift from Mother Nature and the consciousness of Earth Mother herself and holds you in her loving bosom as her child, where she continues to nurture you, if you allow her to. You cannot walk the path alone.

The essence will open your heart with power and focus. It harnesses the power of volcano, the unstoppable force of volcanic eruption and the movement of liquid magma over the surface of the earth, flowing thick, like honey to form new surfaces and foundations to build our lives upon.

In terms of evolution, the essence overturns your present house, meaning your present state of consciousness, and unearths the deeper aspects of love within you. It helps you to love yourself and in that process of learning to love yourself, it also helps you to accept yourself more fully and in a more wholesome way.

In terms of focus, when you set your heart on achieving something, the power of the primordial fire helps to keep you on track, moving you in the right direction, in an unswerving straight line. Quite simply, this is an essence with a focus for attainment and achievement.

Moving now into a deeper aspect of the essence. It was born in the molten heat of Montanas del Fuego - the Mountains of Fire, in the Tymanfaya Volcano on 24th January 2014. It was given as a stimulant to ride the incredible wave of universal consciousness that will run throughout this year. It was created as a gift from the Heart of Mother Earth for the Emerald Heart students on the winter retreat, who's hearts were all a part of the creation process.

The light of each heart on this windy morning, shone into the creation of this essence and fused with the essence of the fire within the mountain, bringing together the love and truth of each person in a common bonding of purpose, to go forth and achieve during this great year.

So, the essence is a combination of the Fire of the Mountain and the Heart Fire of each student and this is why the name Heart of Fire was given by Guidance on the previous evening.

The essence is perfect in helping you bring focus into your life for any measure of achievement that you set your heart to. It has a deep driving force of love, helping to keep you moving in the right direction to bring forth a great sense of achievement for the things you achieve and create in this world.

With Love and Blessings.

David Ashworth

Location:Created in the Heat of the volcano at Tymanfaya, Lanzarote


Time:Friday 24th January 2014

Detail:Created in the heat and light of the volcano and with the light of all the hearts of the participants of the Lanzarote Retreat, January 2014


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