The Mary Line - from Emerald Heart Essences

Group:Evolution of Consciousness through Opening of the

Keynote:Finding your own Divinity

I am The Mother of all Mothers, speaking to you.

Receive me with ultimate Reverence and Guidance, and I will bring you what you need in life. I am the Divine Mother of all Mothers. I am the Motherly Mother. I cherish the babies in all of you, as you are nothing but a baby. Tenderness and  gentleness, these qualities will be revealed in you when you open your heart to receive the quality of the Mary Mother. She opens your hear into a tenderness and softness that you could never have imagined your heart to attain. These features are usually defined as feminine, but they are innate in all babies, masculine and feminine.

The essence of The Mary Line, will bring you back to your childhood qualities. You will re-live them, but this time in the safe arms of the Real Mother. You may relive your qualities and dismantle the pains which you gathered as a human being when your divine features were not seen or met by your early environment. You are being invited and asked to live your life from this tender and gentle space, with an open heart.

The essence of The Mary Line will break your heart open for yourself, for your inner child, for your inner tenderness and nurturing attribute which so often is confused with feminine aspect. Surrender to yourself and I, the Mother of all Mothers, will be with you to hold you in sacred space.

You may now return to your state of babyhood, and be reborn in life, with the qualities of an open hearted human being. When you are a male, from the revisited state of the vulnerable child onwards you will be able to embrace your manhood from a different perspective than you are used to, full of love and gentleness. When you are a woman, from your revisited state of babyhood onwards you will be reborn into the Goddess that you are.

And once you, man, have embraced your 'Godness' and you, woman, have embraced your 'Goddessness', I will invite you to look up and wonder about the Light of the Son of all Sons. For he will be with you at all times. For He who is My Son, will serve you to return to The Light, the Source from where we all come.

He speaks: 'I will miss you until you have travelled your Journey. But I will be with you.

I Bless You and I Love You.

I AM. I AM holding the I AM until you are the I AM'.

With all my Love and Blessings,

The Mary."

Harriet Kroon

Location:Received on the 28th of July 2013 on the altar of the Mary Chapel - deep below ground level in the womb of Mother Earth - in the full flow of the Mary Earth Current in Glastonbury Abbey, England.


Time:28th of July 2013

Detail:The essence of The Mary Line is an Emerald Heart Essence


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