Dragon Fire - from Emerald Heart Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Loving the Love that Creates You

As I sat down to work with the vibration of this essence I was suddenly flooded with volcanic fire. Liquid Magma rushed into my heart and begin to open it in a dramatic, but subtle and calm way. How can it be dramatic and subtle at the same time, I ask myself, but it is? On the one hand, it seems to take my breath away and on the other, bathes me with inner calm and a feeling that everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to be.

The vibration was given from the entwined roots of two Dragon Trees on the island of La Palma. There was a distinct essence of feminine and masculine energies working together, bringing forth the vibration. It would be six days before the essence spoke its first words to me: Dragon Fire.

This essence is about a journey of love. It is the journey of the rare and long-lived Dragon Tree of the Canary Isles, and how it chose these volcanic rocks to grow upon. The energy of the roots goes deep into the boiling magma below, and the Earth Mother feeds the energy of the tree from this molten source, to a degree that the energy of the magma can be felt in the trunk of the living tree. It is as if the tree sucks the magma upwards, like the sap of life, creating a core of fire at the centre of its being. This is also how it feels in my body, like I am filled with the flowing magma, but my body is as strong as the trunk of the tree. You may feel the fire of creation and the strength of the tree at the same time. A kind of feeling of invincibility, which can also be a little scary.

The magma is the melting pot of creation within the womb of Mother Earth, and occasionally she births the magma through the oceans, to form new lands, upon which, many living things take root and grow, through their own inner life force. Everything is born of fire on our world. We are born of that same fire, the magma is in our blood and this essence awakens the memory of fire within us.

The Volcano and the Dragon Tree are hand maidens to each other. They serve each other. The tree grows and flourishes because if its deep connection to the magma in the womb of the Mother. In return, the Earth Mother celebrates the love that she feels for the way the tree grows within her love. So, love is exchanged between two beings, each growing as a direct result of the love of the other, each feeling the love of the other in some deep way that cannot be spoken of. The magma rumbles beneath the surface and the tree stands strong from this power. The tree lives in love, and is love. The magma feels the love manifesting on the surface from the love that boils below. Each source of love feeding the other. Each is deeply connected to the other. Each enriching the life of the other.

The Essence of Dragon Fire connects you deeply into every source of love that nurtures you and the result is that your inner love grows. You become more love.

In  return each source of love grows, as your own love grows. It is a reciprocal arrangement where love feeds love and love grows.

So, this essence is about the partnership of love that goes beyond words and largely goes beyond the senses of most humans. It opens the love within you and connects you deeper into the source of love that feeds and nurtures you, whether you know what the source is or not. You grow and the source that feeds you grows from the love that is created and reciprocated between any two sources.

Dragon Fire opens your heart into the love that is everywhere.

Dragon Fire opens your heart into the core of who you are.

Dragon Fire opens your heart into the ocean of love that is everything.

Dragon Fire opens everything that is love, so that you may feed from that love.

May your heart drink in the Dragon Fire, for it is given by the Magma within the womb of the Mother. It is given through the tree of the Dragon to burn open your heart, and spill forth your love into the world. It is given to nurture and nourish your love. It is given to love you into life.

Blessings and Peace.

David Ashworth

25th February 2013.

Location:Just south of San Pedro on the LP301 road, La Palma, Canary Islands, stand two Dragon Trees known as Dragos Gemelos.


Time:19th February 2013.

Detail:Lovely sunny day with a slight breeze from the east. Vibration received around 12.30pm local time from the entwined roots between the two trees.


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