Reflection - from Emerald Heart Essences

Group:Evolution of Consciousness

Keynote:Bringing it all together. Wholeness

This essence helps you to look backwards. It opens your heart in a way that illuminates the past. It reveals to you deeper inner patterns of consciousness so that you can see clearly how you have been functioning. In this process, it allows you to see how and where you need to bring change to yourself in order to change the vibrational image that you radiate into the world and the Universe.

So, in a way, this essence helps to put you in a place of clarity and preparation. It helps you to see yourself clearly so that you can consider change, and then prepare for change, as the light within the essence helps your consciousness to evolve to the next level.

Reflection is a great part of life planning and life planning is a part of your evolution. As we sit and reflect, we bring forward images of who we were and how we acted in any moment in time. We then have the choice to move on from that person of the past, to become the next incarnation of our vibrational selves - the person of our future.

It is quite alright to take periods of time where we don't really progress in terms of evolution, because resting is also a major part of evolution. All beings work and rest, otherwise they burn out and cease to be. But there are times when your inner alarm clock is ringing loudly and telling you that it is time for something to change.

Sometimes, the changes needed might seem to be overwhelming and too great a challenge, but the way in which we approach these bigger issues is by changing just the slightest thing within ourselves. As we create the intent and then make the effort to change, so the Universe sees this intention and comes to our aid, assisting us in some way, providing that our intent is truthful.

Reflection is a big part of preparation for change and in these great times of changing Universal Consciousness, we cannot help but change as we are a natural part of this evolutionary process. If we can take a little stress out of the process though, then that all helps to stand us in a place of power.

This Essence of Reflection will help to bring to the surface the images of things that need to change. At the same time, it will bring to the surface images of all the great things that you have accomplished and through this it will also show you the things you are ready to accomplish on the next part of your journey. It will fire your imagination. It will uplift you.

It will open you to see your own potential and the truth of who you really are at the core of your being. It will help you plan the moves you need to make towards unlocking the next aspects of who you are becoming. As the essence helps you to see yourself in a clearer light, it will also help you to love yourself more, as you see your own magnificence, your own radiance, your own beauty... providing that you are truly ready to see these things.

With Love and Blessings.

Dave Ashworth

25th October 2012

Location:Given from the Source


Time:25th October 2012

Detail:An Essence from the Heart of the Universe delivered through the heart of David.


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