Gorse Fawr - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution , Healing, Psychic Protection

Keynote:Golden Light

Cleansing & Calming: Transmits a very gently flowing, loving, golden ray which acts directly upon the heart chakra. It is very deep and warming as it opens the petals and expands the energy of this chakra. From the heart centre this ray then permeates through the whole of the physical being, cleansing each chakra as it goes. Invigorating the physical brain, it also brings a spiritual light to the brain and begins to work upon the crown chakra. The golden ray then encourages a spiritual white light to enter through the crown chakra which also bathes the inner head area bringing a great calmness upon the physical brain. Generates a golden halo around the head and is spiritually very calming.

Healing the Heart: The golden light has a powerful healing action on emotional scars within the heart chakra and also exposes emotional issues, thereby enabling one to work on this area.

Spirit Guide Connections: Also transmits a purple light which again, is very heart centred in as much as this frequency opens the heart very wide. The purple also has a very regal energy which connects one to Kings amongst Spirit Guides, Kings amongst Men in a highly spiritual and hermaphroditic sense, inasmuch as Spirit Guides at this most elevated of levels, carry the masculine and feminine qualities in equal abundance. It also creates a very strong, direct spiritual link from the crown to the heart chakra, so that spiritual insights are received directly at a heart level, helping one to meet and deal with one’s fears and heal them.

Energy Enhancing: At a mental level the essence increases clarity by increasing the intensity, strength and quality of neuro-transmission and reception. Improves electro-magnetic flow through the meridians enhancing the energy potential of all the major organs on an etheric and physical level. Helps link mental and spiritual faculties. Strengthens the central nervous system. Also cleanses and empowers the etheric energies which permeate the spinal cord. It brings strength to the physical heart and purifies the blood by releasing toxins. Stimulates red blood cell production.

Materialises, rather than transmits a red light frequency which manifests within the aura as a strengthening and enlivening energy which directly benefits the physical body.

Psychic Protection: White and violet light are transmitted within the aura and in close proximity to the physical body in a thunderously powerful cloak of psychic protection. The violet ray is closest to the physical body with the white light providing the outer level of defence. Very fine layers of energy, each colour band a mere half an inch wide. Great power of psychic protection.

Specialised Use: For psychic protection take three drops onto the back of the tongue

Location:Gorse Fawr Stone Circle, Menachlog Ddu, North Pemb

Weather:Warm and Sunny with a few scattered clouds. A medium breeze.

Time:11.00am Wednesday 23rd August, 2000.

Detail:The energy signature was obtained from near the centre of the circle.


£15 plus P & P