With Love from me to you - from Emerald Heart Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:From Your Higher Self to your Self

This essence was given for Anne Betts, the matriarch of The Emerald Heart. As we were talking and discussing what essence was needed, I was asking Anne's Higher Self what this essence would be called. was trying to see what the essence would be called. At the same time The Guidance was singing a Beatles song in my ear. I was getting frustrated as I was trying to listen to Anne's Higher Self, but the Guidance kept repeating the chorus - With Love from Me to You. At which point, I suddenly realised that this was the name of the Essence. It was a very humorous moment and we laughed.

Guidance also suggested that I create one for myself as well. As I tuned-in as I was writing the label, I clearly felt it touch my heart and cause me to laugh out loud. Lol!

I knew that I needed a bit of help at the time with one or two issues that I wasn't getting on top of and the spirit of the essences spoke up. This is given from your Higher Self to help your Lower Self. This is given from the God within you, to help the you within you. This is Love from Me to You in the sense that it bridges the gap of Separation and pours your own deeper love directly into the heart of your ego or separated self.

This is the God within you, giving you exactly what you need right now, no matter what the issue or even if you understand it or not.

At times, we can connect deeply into Universal Consciousness and take from that journey exactly the right vibration to help us ride the Wave of Time. But also, at a more mundane level, we just need help on our everyday issues.

Up to this point in the unfolding energies of 2012, we have been given a series of the most magnificent essences that I could imagine, going way beyond anything that has been given before in terms of their vibration, but at the same time, a different sort of essence than before.

As things have unfolded and particularly during this phase shift that began on 29th July 2012, the deep furrow that is being ploughed within us by the Universe is illuminating our own deeper issues.

Therefore, this essence has been given to illuminate our Higher Selves, so that the Higher Self of each individual can open and help you in your individual way.

Location:Given from the Source


Time:3rd August 2012

Detail:An Essence from the Heart of the Universe delivered through the heart of David.


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