Pentre Ifan - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Expanding Awareness

Expanding Awareness: Dissolves, in a very pure and cleansing way, the barriers between the different vibratory levels of consciousness, allowing perception over a wider spectrum. Manifests a bright golden energy into the physical brain which enhances spiritual power. Opens new connections at a mental and physical level between the mind/brain continuum and the higher realities. Creates a wide channel through which to receive information, enhancing channelling abilities.

Immune System: Transmits a very powerful blue/green light, which resonates in the higher parts of the throat chakra. From here the energy is dispersed downwards to vibrate in the thymus and upwards into the adenoids, tonsils and sinuses helping to correct imbalances in these areas on an ethereal and physical level. The light also helps in relaxation of the eyes. Enhances connections with the energies of the planet Saturn.

Geomantic Intuition: Transmits a powerful feminine aspect which enhances intuition. Opens the consciousness to perceive earth geometries, such as earth stars, planetary squares etc. Suspends the consciousness between the cosmic energy of stars and the energies of Mother Earth, allowing the person to channel the vibrant and powerful cosmic energies into Mother Earth for the benefit of Earth healing.

Communication with Nature Spirits: Transmits a silver light which resonates directly with the energies of the Devic Kingdoms. The essence can be used on the Earth or anywhere in nature where it will empower the Devas and other Nature Spirits. The silver light acts as a communication channel between the Geomancer and the Earth Spirit realm. It also enhances perception of the Angels of Earth and air and can be used directly upon the Earth for healing.

Specialised Use: To use in Geomantic work, place two drops directly into the throat to enhance one’s own communication faculties. Secondly, target the realm with which one wishes to communicate and direct two drops to this realm. If the realm is Sylphs or Air, place the drops on a feather and waft gently through the air. If the realm is Earth, Water, Plant or Mineral kingdoms, etc., place two drops directly where one wishes to work, such as on a tree or round the base of a flower. Ask for divine help and intervention in linking your consciousness to these realms, in the act of co-creating and manifesting the desired results in love. Remember always to communicate through your heart.

Co-creation with God Consciousness: At a different level of consciousness, the silver light also enters at the heart chakra, creating a vortex or special place which brings forth the creative forces of the God consciousness at a physical/material Universe level. This is a strong connection where the individual personality can fuse with the creative matrix which is the divine thought of God for the purposes of co-creation.

PS: I saw a silver Angel of Earth when first tuning in to this essence.

Location:Near Newport, North Pembrokeshire.

Weather:A beautiful day with a little cloud and a very delicate south westerly breeze. However, a heavy bank of threatening black cloud is appearing to the west south west over the peak of the 337 metre mountain of Mynydd Carningli.

Time:11.15 a.m. Sunday, 27th August, 2000.

Detail:The energy signature was obtained from the top of one of the central stones, beneath the capstone.


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