The Hanging Stone - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Power in Communication, Devic Connections, Earth Energies

Note: This place is worthy of a special note. As I was kneeling in front of the Cromlech and setting the energy pattern, an elemental being was dancing on my left shoulder. “Who is that”. I asked myself. My Guides replied that he was an elf. Some time later as I sat upon the capstone in the gathering dusk, below me the place was alive with dancing faeries and gnomes. Other beings sat beside me on the stone, fearless in their knowing of who I was. I’ve never seen so many elementals in one place. There were dozens of them. There was a great feeling of joy and celebration in their dancing, as if they knew that a human spirit had come to this place, just to be with them and to see their magic. And truly they shared there magic, the like of which I have never seen before.

There is great power in the energy of The Hanging Stone essence, as indeed there is great power around the Hanging Stone itself. It helps link one’s consciousness to the consciousness of Earth Energies and Nature Spirits, particularly Faeries, Elves, Gnomes and Dwarves. It is closest to the Faery realm and brings you into communion with their smiling, happy invitation to join them in their dance.

This strong energy enters one’s being through the heart chakra and passes immediately out through the crown chakra at great speed. It connects high above the head with the creative forces of almighty God. This ‘connected’ energy then descends, passing through the crown chakra and travels directly into the heart chakra, meeting the invitation from the Faery consciousness in the heart centre. When the conscious link is made and the Faeries are perceived, they will show you many forms of Earth consciousness, so that working together in co-creation, healing can be performed within the many realms of Earthly consciousness.

This is a Creation Essence and transmits the full rainbow spectrum of colours throughout many different frequency bands. This is Faeries inviting one to create through your own divine connections. The joy and happiness in the landscape, which has long since been lost to so many areas, through the march of time and man’s lack of understanding, appreciation and communication with our Nature Spirit kingdoms, is offered up by this essence into the hands of mankind, to restore the balance in divine co-creation. It is the Faeries who trustingly gave this essence to us, so that we can bring it back to them a thousand fold and more, in our own energetic dance of creation among the trees and dells. Using this essence upon the earth, in prayer and meditation, will create the resonance that will encourage Faeries to ‘know’ that it is safe for them to re-inhabit the landscape and holy places, where once they played. This essence will restore the balance to sick and toxic Earth currents and Ley energies. In particular, it will restore the high frequency colours which should flow in a healthy landscape. Particularly, purples, blues and golds.

Specialised Use: Place two drops on a feather and waft slowly through the air to use directly with the Angels or Sylphs of air, where prayer and ceremony will enhance the connection and possibilities for healing patterns to be carried upon the wind. To help the Faeries, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves and little folk of all kinds, make a small triangle of sticks and place one drop in the centre of each stick as it lies upon the ground. The strong geometric shape is a powerful symbol which they can use. To work with toxic Earth energies, Leys or flows, divine or intuit the most appropriate place and a single drop upon the earth will be sufficient to change and cleanse the vibrations for miles.

At a mental level there is a calming effect on the mind and physical brain. At an emotional level, the energy accesses the sacral chakra, activating and opening the chakra in a cleansing and purifying action. This accesses opportunities for mental and emotional creativity, revealing many communication and healing situations in nature at a spiritual level.

At a spiritual level the essence transmits a vivid violet light into the crown chakra, which opens a very calming mid-range spiritual channel, connecting one with the harmonious vibrations of physical nature. In particular helping to attune one to the trees, animals and birds.

Specialised Use: Communication. One drop placed under the tongue and a drop rubbed into each temple, will help bring about a tranquil meditative state for inner communication with oneself.

Location:Burton, South Pembrokeshire.

Weather:A warm, summer evening with a little cloud.

Time:8.15pm and dusky. Saturday 26th August, 2000.

Detail:The energy signature was obtained on the ground in front of the Dolmen


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