Cupressus - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution, Geomantic

Keynote:Opens ones perception to Tree energies. Enhances Psychic Vision and Patience

The total energy of Tresco Island is infused in the transmission of green light by this essence. It first acts upon the solar plexus chakra, carrying a great peaceful vibration. Peace, harmony, sunlight and pure sun energy. Green light from deep within the tree, resinous and resonating. I feel the sap rising in the tree as I sit with the essence, so very much alive.

The essence first opens the solar plexus. The powerful sunlight energy and tree energy then opens a channel to the heart and then moves up it. This is a subtle energy channel not presently open in many people linking the solar plexus to the heart chakra. For those who have this link already, the essence cleanses and broadens the channel, bringing it into vibrant life.

This channel brings a new level of spiritual unfoldment to the heart chakra, specifically this aids the heart chakra in opening to receive the frequencies of tree energies. As one stands in front of a tree, opening one’s solar plexus chakra, a circle of energy, like a smoke ring is formed, where the tree communicates directly into your solar plexus and passes directly up to the heart chakra. Then, back out of the heart chakra towards the tree. It is a cycling energy which allows you to read from the tree. This action tells the tree that you speak from the heart and that your intentions are true.

When one learns to access this energy, then it also acts to open the mind to receive higher and finer vibrations, particularly tree spirits and spirits in the landscape.

This particular tree was a giant, standing high on a hillside towering over all it saw. The spirit of this tree is a big spirit in every sense of the word, some 80 feet tall. This essence carries something of that huge spirit within it. Whenever this essence is used, there is an instant and direct linking of consciousness as that tree reaches out to praise and assist you. The nature spirit of that tree will help you in communication with all other tree spirits.

This essence also helps one to access the Angels or Sylphs of air. This is due to the tree’s own wonderful connection with those spirits, being such an enormous tree it seems to almost scrape the sky and clouds. The roots of the tree are also well connected with the spirits of earth and the essence puts one in touch with that realm too.

Specialised Use: If you are using this essence specifically to communicate with nature, maximum potential will be obtained by placing one drop under the tongue and rub one drop

Denise standing beneath the magnificent Cupressus

Denise standing beneath the magnificent Cupressus

Location:Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isle of Tresco, Scilly Isles

Weather:Brilliant sunshine

Time:Around Midday on Thursday 10th August, year 2000

Detail:Essence of the Tree Cupressus macrocarpa CUPRESSACEAE. From California.


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