Metrosideros - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Spiritual Growth, Improves Circulation, Helps Shar

Spiritual Growth: This essence contains thunder. It is a thunderous power infused with great strength, but at the same time calm and placid. This is an essence for spiritual growth. It brings in a thunderous powerful vibration to shake loose the blockages and it’s calm and tranquil placidity pushes through the whole of the subtle energy system, to sweep away unwanted vibrations which would cause a barrier to spiritual growth. This essence infuses it’s power in the etheric aura between 4 to 6 inches outwards from the physical body. It sets up a vibrational force field all around the body, separating the emotional and lower mental bodies from the physical for a short period of time. It does this to instil a coherence between the different communication levels of these individual levels of consciousness. It sets things straight. Puts things in their proper order, tidies up the edges and creates a strong boundary between each level of consciousness.

A very powerful balancing agent throughout the whole of the subtle energy system. It rounds up and orders foreign energy bodies, tidying them into places where they can be eliminated, although this essence itself does not eliminate them. It separates them, in an energy sense from the subtle energies which permeate the physical body, so they are more easily accessible via other forms of healing and vibrational energy, which can then remove them from the system.

On a physical level this essence improves circulation and cleanses blood cells. For this, take two drops under the tongue and rub one drop on acupuncture point central vessel six, CV6, just below the navel.

Brightens the energy in the emotional body, calms emotions and brings clarity to issues which need to be spoken of and shared with those who may be close.

Brings mental clarity and sharpens the link between mind and brain, allowing them to function with more clarity while maintaining the distinct difference between the physical matter of the brain and the etheric essence of the mind consciousness.

Creates a powerful link between the lower mental, higher mental and intuitive faculties. Also creates a strong link between the mental and spiritual levels of communication.

Specialised Use: When doing any higher consciousness work such as meditation or channelling, rub one drop into the minor chakra called the bindu, which is at the back of the skull just behind the crown chakra

Location:Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isle of Tresco, Scilly Isles

Weather:Brilliant sunshine.

Time:Thursday morning, 10th August, 2000

Detail:Essence of the Tree Metrosideros tomentosa MYRTACE-Brought from New Zealand c.1834.


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