Dicentra - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution, Healing and Geomantic.

Keynote:Harmony and Balance. Freedom and Acceptance.

Notes: This essence is unusual in the way it came into being. It’s meaning and efficacy was channelled to us before we ever thought of creating the essence. Once having the reading we were really left with little alternative but to bring the essence into being, otherwise it would be tantamount to ignoring a Divine connection and unspoken wish. When we looked into our research library we couldn’t actually find an essence of Dicentra, so perhaps nobody has made one from this flower yet, which seems bizarre considering its beauty. We decided to create the essence the following weekend by the old sun and water method, using a crystal glass bowl of filtered water. Denise suggested, suspending the flowers in the water while still attached to the living plant, rather than picking them, which we did.

The Saturday was wet and cloudy and the Sunday about the same, but fortunately we had a bank holiday Monday which brought us all the right elements to pay homage to the beauty of this flowering plant. The prana from the rising sun was excellent. We bathed the flowers in the water for about 3 hours.

How it came to pass: It was around 5.15pm on a Sunny afternoon on 28th April 2005. Denise and I had finished work and decided to sit outside for a half hour and wind down with a cup of nettle tea. I was reading some channelled work to her describing the fall of man from spirit into the realm of the physical Earth and how the doctrine of signatures came into being in the time of Lemuria. At a natural pause, she said to me, “if there was an essence of those Dicentra flowers beneath the oak tree, what do you think it would do?” At the very instant, a Divine source opened my heart and replied. “If you want to know we will tell you.” I said to Denise that the plant had just spoken and if she wanted to go and get me a pad and pen to write I would tell her what an essence of Dicentra would do. So, in this instance, we began with the information and made the essence later.

The Plant Deva Speaks
As with all plants and flowers we can be brought into other states of
Being at many levels of conscious interaction. But the rudimentary application of Dicentra on an emotional level would be to bring ‘Gladness’ to the heart.

Gladness is a very specific word with a very specific vibration within its sound. If an essence was used of this plant then it would work most deeply in combination with the sound of the word GLADNESS as spoken at the same time as taking the essence. Pronouncing the word, or using it as a mantra, at any time whilst the vibration of the essence is within you would increase its intensity by approximately four fold.

To analyse the mysteries of the power of the word Gladness is as follows. The ‘G’ is a hard and guttural sound and resonates in the throat, opening the thymus gland below it. ‘G’ is also for Ground and Goddess. When spoken, this part of the word grounds you and connects you to the Earth Mother or Goddess. When you are so connected, we can then bring the higher spiritual nature of the essence into your Being.

As we unfold the word, the next portion of the puzzle is ‘GLAD’. This brings a state of completion within itself. It is a self-contained and complete word. The ‘G’ is the beginning, the connection process to the Goddess and the ‘D’ is the ending, which is also the Doorway into the Divine. So, the sounding of the first part of the word, GLAD, is the Grounding which then allows you to open the Doorway and enter the Divine. The Divine is of course only found in the heart. This is where the Laws of God are located and may be revealed as you work upon yourself.

The second part of the word is ‘NESS’. This is much softer and should be prolonged in the sounding, like GLADNESSSS, with the emphasis on the ‘S’ sound. As you enter the ‘S’, you are opening the door into Spirit, or to be precise, Spiritual Guidance.

So, this flower opens your consciousness from one extreme to the other, from the Goddess or Earth Mother at one extreme to Guiding Spirit or the Father Heaven at the other extreme. Both extremes of the spectrum of connection, like both extremes of the word from hard sound to soft sound. From Earth to Heaven.

Harmony and Balance: As the essence opens you, it attempts to bring harmony and balance through every aspect of the Being between the two extremes. When you have this type of balance it is then possible to connect into some very deep places and some very high places, with many ‘other’ places in between. It is in the ‘other’ places where we find the realms of the Devic consciousness which are balanced between Earth and Spirit.

The very centre of both extremes is the heart and when we look at the flower name, we see di-and-centra which means the central point dividing two halves.

When we write the word as follows, growing upwards from the Earth, like a plant, from the G to the S, we see the Divine as the centre point with three letters below, leading us into the Goddess and three letters above leading us into Spirit. The first ‘S’ opens the door and the second allows us to climb higher. This again shows the central division of planes of existence, just as the heart has three chakras above and three below.


When harmony and balance are created through the whole spectrum between the extremes of Earth to Spirit, or Mother to Father, then Gladness manifests within the heart or the centre of the Being. If Gladness awakens in the heart, then it awakens into the Divine and when Gladness is in a Divine state, the heart sings. When the heart sings, the Devic Realms all hear the music and gather to see where such joyous sounds of Divine Gladness emanate.

Freedom and Acceptance: Gladness is an unusual and little used word, but describes a very specific state. When the heart is filled with Gladness it can more easily see and connect with all levels of Divine consciousness, for it is open in a state of total freedom and acceptance.

This is Dicentra. The flower of Gladness.

Immune System: As the thymus is activated, it boosts the immune system, and when you have an active immune system you enjoy better health. Therefore, Gladness in the heart brings better overall health and when you have better overall health, you are uplifted and everything within your life is perceived at a higher level. You begin to see more with your heart, and less with your intellect. You enter more closely into the Divine. Therefore, the essence of Gladness widens your horizons and helps you to connect into many other realities. Use this essence to raise yourself to new heights within your own Being. Allow yourself to be raised and then see what other sources of Divine consciousness gather round you.

The beautiful heart-shaped flowers of Dicentra which bloomed for more than 3 months this year.

The beautiful heart-shaped flowers of Dicentra which bloomed for more than 3 months this year.

Location:Beneath the Hermaphrodite Oak Tree in Denise's Garden.

Weather:Late afternoon sun, mild and pleasant.

Time:The Channelled information was received between 5.

Detail:The information was channelled from the Deva of the plant
The Energy Signature was received some days later by dangling the flowers into water held in a crystal glass bowl in sunshine for 3 hours.


The Sun Method of receiving an Energy Signature from flowers. The living flowers floating in a crystal glass bowl of water in sunshine, whilst still attached to the plant.

The Sun Method of receiving an Energy Signature from flowers. The living flowers floating in a crystal glass bowl of water in sunshine, whilst still attached to the plant.

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