Beach in Sunshine - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Separation, Aphrodisiac.

Meditation: This essence radiates, rather than transmits an ultra-violet light frequency, which infuses the whole aura, placing the person in an ultra-violet bubble which creates a state of separation. It puts distance between the outside world and the inner self, making this an excellent essence for meditation or inner soul work of any kind.

Apart from the base and crown chakra, all other chakras are prevented from projecting outside of the lower mental body. This maintains the consciousness links of these energy centres within the auric space, creating an absolute state of separation. The crown and base chakra radiate outwards beyond this induced force field, to maintain their individual identities of the grounding principle of earth for the base chakra and guiding principle of heaven for the crown chakra.

Tantra: Transmits orange frequencies which directly activate the sacral chakra. At a physical level, this infuses a sexual energy which stimulates the sexual organs and responses in both male and female. Also infuses the body with energy which radiates outwards from the core of the heart chakra.

At a mental and emotional level, the energy from the sacral chakra reaches outwards and upwards to form a circular link which passes through the brow chakra. This links the creative and intuitive centres together. The whole auric system remains closed in a state of separation from outside influences, accept for the outward projection of base and crown chakra, which grounds the pair, whilst connecting them to cosmic consciousness. A spin-cycle is created via the sacral and brow chakras bringing about the perfect energy scenario within the light body for Tantric practices in a fusion of intuitive creativity as the energies dance throughout the being. As the pair sit in harmony, the spin cycle passes through each, linking them together.

If alone in meditation, the spin cycle is unified within one’s own system, again creating that intuitive creativity targeted towards one’s intended goal.

At a spiritual level it brings down a frequency through the crown chakra, which passes directly into the heart, which has the ability to kindle the aspect of God which dwells therein. From the opposite pole or base chakra, the heart chakra invites in the best possible physical world connection from deep within the earth.

Specialised Use: For use in Tantric or meditation practice, rub one drop into the sacral chakra, just below the navel and take three drops directly into the throat.

Location:Isle of Tresco, The Scilly Isles.

Weather:Brilliant sunshine all day.

Time:Late afternoon of Thursday 10th August, year 2000.

Detail:This essence was taken capturing the sunshine energy upon the baking, sandy beach into spring water in a glass file.


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