The Step Pyramid of Saqqara - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Developing Unlimited Self-belief to Delve into the Unknown

Bringing New Things to Earth
As time moves forward through generations and millennia, inspired people bring new things to the world. As time speeds up, especially in the fast moving energy of spiritual and healing matters, new things are coming to many of us in flashes of inspiration. This pyramid came as the result of a flash of inspiration. Huge change was suddenly upon the world when this idea manifested. Things had not been done like this before. After Saqqara was built, the pyramid culture was upon us.

In the world of light work many new things have been opening up since the late eighties. One of the most transformational changes for many was the awakening of the Reiki Light. As this door opened, the energy which came through it unfolded thousands of people. Some of these people then subsequently opened other similar frequencies of light to a point where today we have something to suit everybody.

However, although all of these energies have value and are extremely good starting points for many on the healing and spiritual path, there are other extremely high powered energies which are also working in parallel. The energies are hanging there in space, being presented to us for when we either rise high enough to see them, or develop the unlimited view to manifest them into Earth. The only thing which prevents this vision of a continuing new dawn materialising is our own limitation.

Developing Unlimited Self-belief
Imagination is the key which opens the doors of transformation. Unlimited belief, and in particular self-belief, can then manifest the higher light here on Earth. In order to do this we have to learn to think differently. How we do this is to listen to our Guides and adopt what they say without question. As we learn this level of trust, they begin to play with our imagination and place images and thoughts within the mind matrix which then grow into new and sometimes complex scenarios for change, allowing us to bring to Earth new forms of energy which will help our development and transformation.

As we learn the skills of trust and unlimited thought, we are ultimately presented with visions of how we can grow and expand by allowing our limited thought processes to dissolve. We then learn to embrace what sometimes seem to be ridiculous paradigms, as things are presented to us which are sometimes difficult to understand and may even seem beyond belief. However, when we learn to trust the Guides, we find that what they show us actually works. We only need to listen and then put things into practice.

This essence allows your mind to expand beyond its normal limited capability. It brings flexibility in thought and the courage to embrace new ideas and manifest them in a practical way. When this process is fuelled by trust you will find that your new ideas will manifest in new forms of healing, light work to access spiritual transformation.

With this essence, if you think something can be done, then it can be. You only need to listen closely to the guidance and persevere. So when you want to delve into the unknown and bring back the power to change things, then this is the essence to use.

The Step Pyramid of Saqqara. The first Pyramid to be build near the old capital of Memphis.

The Step Pyramid of Saqqara. The first Pyramid to be build near the old capital of Memphis.

Location:Saqqara, near Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt.

Weather:A Bright and sunny spring day.

Time:4.30pm, Sunday 7th March 2005

Detail:The glass vial was held against a stone at the rear of the pyramid until the energy was received.


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