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Keynote:Golden Light

This essence is focussed on World Healing. It is a representation of all that Buddhism stands for, but without harnessing itself to any particular aspect of the teachings. This freedom allows the essence to come and go, in and out of different thoughts and meanings, as we use the essence for any aspect of healing within ourselves or the world as a whole.

Hope: The essence is a good pick-me-up, when you feel that things just aren’t going right for you. It instils hope into all situations which seem hopeless. As we see Tibet dissolving beneath the dark force of China, yet there is great hope for the teachings, which have now blown like the seeds of a dandelion to germinate throughout the world.

Tibet may be lost, but the faith, the hope and the glory have moved outward and upward into the world. The teachings are now much more accessible to those who need them.

Golden Light: People often look to teachings in times of despair and again, this is when this essence is so powerful. It lifts one up and help you to see the golden light, not only without, but within yourself. It empowers and releases that light and allows it to begin to radiate within and beyond you. When you learn to see and connect with that golden light, it brings you answers and guidance, but as it radiates outwards, not merely changing your own energy and bringing about your own healing, but lifting anything in the world which it focuses upon, as it leaves your being.

Therefore, whenever you use this essence, either on yourself or perhaps focussed on a national or world event, it helps raise the vibration of everything it touches. It brings healing to the world.

The Stupa at Samye Ling Monastery

The Stupa at Samye Ling Monastery

Location:Samye Ling Buddhist Monastery is located in the Scottish borders near Eskdalemuir.

Weather:Heavy rain all day.

Time:1.10pm, Saturday 26th June, 2004

Detail:This energy signature was received in front of the alter of the great Golden Buddha in the main hall, between chanted prayer sessions.


The wall of a thousand Buddhas at the Samye Ling Monastery.

The wall of a thousand Buddhas at the Samye Ling Monastery.

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