Swinside - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution/Geomantic

Keynote:Deep Inner Strength, focussed on the Heart Chakra

Earth Healers Note: In order to perform powerful Earth Healing, one needs deep inner strength. This is particularly so of the Heart Chakra.

Heart Development: The Swinside Essence enters the heart chakra and once inside and activated to its full potential, it literally punches the heart into shape to enable the work of communication at nature spirit level. It pushes powerfully against the walls of the chakra and enlarges the energetic envelope, expanding the capacity. By pushing in this way it creates additional energetic stamina within the chakra, it literally toughens it up, whilst at the same time increases the flexibility of the structure.

This is a very necessary and important step to working with the heart in the nature spirit kingdoms. It can take many years of hard work to bring this type of stamina into the heart. This essence can short circuit this process and also help focus the mind through the heart.

Creativity: The second aspect of this essence is to begin a process of opening new links into the heart, particularly from the sacral chakra. This fuels creativity within the heart and activates the heart in a way which then brings this mixture of creative, loving energies from the sacral and heart chakras into the mind. When this happens, it unlocks the mind’s barriers to the possibilities of seeing nature spirit beings, which is the first step to communicating with Earth Mother Kingdoms.

Grounding: The third aspect of this essence is to increase the power of the base chakra. It infuses a very powerful grounding effect into the chakra. This energy boosts the sexual energy content of the chakra. The sexual energy in the base chakra is a powerful creative force. This is what the Earth Mother wants us to benefit from. This creative force fuels the very core of our being at a base physical level. This is the raw life force energy within us. When this is flowing at full force in our youth, we are creative and dynamic on many levels.

As we mature, this power is often directed at the heart chakra, rather than creative sexual activity and ego through the sacral chakra. Working in the heart, it unfolds our compassionate and loving nature, working particularly to remove blocks to our emotional nature. It is through this love and compassion that we can come to a point of connection with the Earth Mother. The essence infuses this energy into the raw sexual power aspect of the base chakra, so that it can help unfold the heart chakra and at the same time, create a more powerful grounding connection to the Earth.

Deep Inner Strength: The overall picture of the energy of this essence, is Deep Inner Strength. Everywhere the energy touches, within you, it is trying to unlock this pure strength. There is a great power in this essence, a certain fortified body with a huge aura. This is what it infuses into us.

The Earth Mother Speaks
“ I am the Earth Mother. I am strong and powerful and deep, and this is what I wish for you, my children of the Earth. Therefore, I am pushing all these qualities into you through my link with this essence, so that you will have all that you need to help me in return.”

Some of the beautiful and vibrant stones of Swinside

Some of the beautiful and vibrant stones of Swinside

Location:Swinside Stone Circle, also known as Sunkenkirk is located upon Swinside Fell, off the lanes a mile or so west of Broughton-in- Furness, north of the A595, Cumbria. Marked on O.S. Maps.

Weather:Sunny with a strong, cold westerly wind coming over the moor and a few clouds scudding across the sky

Time:4.30p.m. Saturday 7th June 2003.

Detail:This energy signature was taken in Willow Water on the ground, close to the centre of the circle.


Micha and Mark at Swinside.

Micha and Mark at Swinside.

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