Anxiety - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Lightening the Darkness, Balancing the Rage.

Lightening the Darkness: Serious anxiety states bring a whole raft of different conditions with them. One of these is depression. It can be an inner darkness that takes you to very deep and dark psychological places which can prove to be extremely difficult to extricate yourself from. The action of the Anxiety Essence attempts to cut pathways into this darkness to allow the light to once again penetrate and illuminate these parts of the consciousness.

Balancing the Rage: The rage is an energetic response to many layers of consciousness going out of balance. The deeper consciousness then begins to fight a battle to try to restore equilibrium. The rage is caused by the efforts of the consciousness in its fight. But this is not rage as in anger, it is a kind of stress within the system caused by the struggle to regain balance. However, this type of stress has an energy signature of rage and the deeper consciousness projects the message that this deep, inner rage is born of frustration by the failure of the system as a whole to cope under extreme circumstances.

This inner state is often a weather-vane which tells us we are not super-human, we all have our limits and life is always a learning process as to what our system can take and what it cannot. The rage of frustration, even though we often can’t sense it because it is so deep in the consciousness, is the lesson that we have to learn our limits.

The action of the essences here helps to slow down the mind so that we can see the lessons which will help us to return to balance.

Balance: With anxiety and psychosis there can be a self-feeding cycle of extremely high energy which constantly puts pressure on many aspects of the consciousness and subtle energy system, bringing about extreme sensitivity in some instances. The extreme sensitivity in turn can awaken higher aspects of the mind which can then over-energise the whole of the subtle energy system. When over-energised in this way, the consciousness can be put into a space where it gets no rest whatsoever and daily life can become a living hell of terrible fear.

The fear can also be accompanied by paranoia and together these two impostors can wreak havoc on the balance of the mind. The stress is relentless and merciless as the highly charged energy state continues to batter the mind with illusion and delusion.

In reality, the illusion and delusion are often images of reality, but a reality outside of the experience of most earth bound people. The fact that you cannot turn this level of high frequency reality invasion off, is what causes the fear and panic.

This essence attempts, over a period of time, to slow down that over-energised state.
Working both outside of the aura and inside the energy fields of the mental and emotional body. The action through these inner mental and emotional planes attempts to calm and smooth out waves of energy, which are often repeating patterns. When seen, these energy field are like curtains, but folded and creased vertically. By bringing a smoothing effect to these energetic curtains, calm and balance begins to return.

The essence is a combination of:

  • Ainsworths Homeopathic Remedies of:-Mixed Pollens, Passiflora, Euphrasia and Ferrum Phos, all at 30c.
  • Bach Flower Remedy:- Wild Rose.
  • Bioforce:- Hypericum, St. John’s Wort.
  • Devic Essence:- Tresco Golden Sand.
  • New Era Biochemic Tissue Salt No. 6.:-A remedy for nerve soothing and for nervous exhaustion.
  • an essence tincture which I made up for myself containing:-Devic Essence, Stripple Stones Henge, Bach Rescue Remedy, plus a couple of others which I can’t remember. Sorry.
  • Serpentine Crystal empowered in a Pyramid of Light into the Mother Tincture.

Depending on your condition, you may wish to support this essence with regular doses of St. John’s Wort and the Biochemic Tissue Salts, particularly, No. 6.

Specialised Use: My Guides and intuition both tell me that most people in any kind of anxiety state would probably need to take this essence for around three months. You will need 4 bottles to take you through this period.

For people with more extreme conditions, such as those who dip in and out of psychosis, you might find that this essence brings about a kind of stability during the first three month period, but then you may need to continue it to support this stability over a longer period

Location:At home.


Time:Beautiful cold spring morning 20th February 2004.

Detail:This essence is partly channelled and Guided, and partly the result of experience. Made at home using a Pyramid of Light to empower the crystal infusion aspect of this creation.


£15 plus P & P