Tresco Golden Sand - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Cosmic Consciousness and Extra Terrestrial Communication

Intuition & Channelling: The energy of billions of stars in the milky way has been captured in this sand, as if each grain of sand on the beach is a star from the heavens. This essence transmits the energy of starlight. This acts directly upon the third eye chakra and pineal gland enhancing intuition. The energy transmission is a glittering starry, silver blue which effervesces around the perimeter of the brow chakra. The blue aspect of the light shimmers around the perimeter of the chakra and the silver aspect penetrates the centre of the chakra.

Communication: The energy of this essence bridges galaxies. It compresses the universe enabling communication over vast, inconceivable physical distances. It reduces the space between the furthest reaches of the universe and the individual human mind. It pulls in information.

It opens a channel directly into the heart chakra so that other worldly beings may see that you stand at a point of love across the universe. This essence will connect you in, to communicate across the galaxies with extra terrestrial and extra worldly beings. Also connects one with Spirit Guides and high spiritual sources at a soul level.

Specialised Use: For channelling and communication, take three drops directly into the back of the throat, which activates the throat chakra at a core level.

True Life Path: The essence will help tune you in to your own soul level, which in turn will help guide you on your true life path. It brightens the energy transmissions in the neurological system and central nervous system, expands the consciousness and is calming to the physical brain.

Joint Pain: At a physical level, helps reduce joint pain. For joint pain, take two drops under the tongue and rub two drops into the affected joint.

At an emotional level the essence helps to heal scar tissue in the heart chakra and has a cleansing and calming effect throughout the emotional body.

At a mental level it creates a separation between the mind and the brain, which prevents the brain interfering with the expansion of consciousness in higher communication.

At a spiritual level, the essence opens an energy centre at the back of the skull at the occipital. This links directly through the skull to the rear part of the third eye chakra. This creates a kind of aerial which comes out of the front and rear of the skull, which captures particular frequencies of energy that are normally only received into the crown chakra. By also receiving these frequencies at this secondary level, it creates a much broader picture of spiritual communication and attunement.

At the same time, the essence transmits a red light on a spiritual frequency which channels directly into the heart chakra. This strongly links the heart chakra to the aerial which runs through the brow chakra and occipital energy centre. This acts as an anchor to the physical world so that the consciousness can perceive higher and more distant frequencies but yet remain anchored and grounded to earth, while at the same time remaining focused at a heart centre in communication.

Specialised Use: To achieve this heart centred grounding effect, take one drop on a finger and rub it into the heart chakra.

Location:Isle of Tresco, The Scilly Isles.

Weather:Brilliant sunshine all day.

Time:Late afternoon of Thursday 10th August, year 2000.

Detail:This was a vial of coarse, golden sand taken in the sunshine on Tresco beach


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