Lady Well No. 1 - from Devic Essences

Group:Geomantic, Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote:Restoring power to Suburban Faeries, Love and Truth.


My son Nick and I went to visit this ancient holy well, which was a little neglected. It is amazing how people don’t know what they’ve got or how to value it. I can’t put the full story here, but we spent an amazing couple of hours in a kind of Faery enchantment, which saw us create a powerful stone circle around the well in the strangest of weather conditions. There was complete and utter magic here on this day.

This Essence Carries a Twin Signature and is a Dual Purpose Essence.

1st Signature

Group: Geomantic.
Keynote: Restoring power to Suburban Faeries.

There is a powerful magic in this essence. The Faeries have given us their blessing to spread the healing power of their home into our world.

In particular, the essence brings about closer links with nature and a deeper awareness of the spirit of God within everything. It especially connects one into the communication frequencies of the woodland faeries in particular; and also those of the heath, heather and moor, as opposed to those who dwell in our suburban parks and gardens.

I am told that our suburban faeries are “the lost cousins”, many of whom have become separated from their country dwelling brethren, and to some degree have lost their power and magic compared with those from the wide open spaces and the woodlands.

The faeries have given us this energy to re-connect the lost knowledge back into the suburban life cycle of our garden faeries, building a bridge to the original holders of the torch of faery knowledge and magic.

By taking this essence, you will give off a certain light which will attract faeries towards you, inquisitively, and as the light radiates outwards through your aura they will understand that you are a silent messenger from their highest kingdoms.

The message you will carry within this light is that the inner city and suburban faeries have become polluted, ineffective and separated from the source of their strength and power. In effect, separated from their God-like hierarchy. By opening their hearts to the light you carry, they will once again be able to re-connect to their kingdoms and the teachers and power therein.

A few drops of this essence can also be placed in a bowl of water in a suitable place in the garden and the light will give out its message just the same. However, if you are spending time in the garden, or a local park, or just suburbia in general, and wish to work for the faery realm, then take the essence yourself and become part of the transformation and reconnection process. By carrying this light within you, you will be seen as a being of great status amongst the beings of the nature spirit worlds. They will become attracted to you and come to know and trust you as a holder of the keys to their higher kingdoms and Gods.

Second Signature

Group: Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote: Love and Truth.

Because we have agreed to undertake the task of messengers, by transmitting the Faery light into suburbia, the faeries at The Lady Well have also given us something for ourselves within this essence.

Personal Healing
When taken, the energy has cleansing and lightening effects on very specific parts of the heart chakra. It purifies the higher consciousness areas of the chakra and opens the heart to the vibration of ‘love and truth’. This enables you to discern the truth by which you can help to make your own journey unfold more appropriately. Helping you to see the true path to take.

The essence turns the heart chakra into a super-sensitive radar to help you find this true path, therefore, it is an excellent essence to take when uncertain or when needing that extra bit of guidance or intuitive vision.

As this essence opens the heart, not only does it give out its message to the faery realm, but it also activates the parts of the consciousness which connect you to the nature kingdoms in general, making this a brilliant essence for anyone doing Earth healing or working with elementals.

Location:Aboyne Golf Course, Formaston Park, Aboyne, Grampian.The Lady Well lies in a sunken glade, half way down the left hand side of the 15th Fairway of Aboyne Golf Course, just beyond the watercourse on the right. There is a small sign and white post to mark the well. It is easily accessible but show respect and ask permission and directions in the golf shop at the clubhouse.

Weather:Sunny with a bitter, horizontal westerly wind. Enchanted and interesting.

Time:2.00pm, Friday 26th April 2002.

Detail:The energy signature was received from on a stone in the water, in the centre of the well.


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