Minchenden Oak No. 2 - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Clarity of Purpose, Diminishes Loneliness.

I have dowsed this tree as being 557 years old at 13th January 2004, making it a seedling in 1447.

Even on this winter’s day whilst the tree is sleeping, the spirit of this living entity still communicates strongly. The tree appears to embody two modes of consciousness. It’s core consciousness which is always present, both winter and summer, and that extra, higher life-force energy, which is given off during its active period.

The Essence of Minchenden Oak in Winter: This essence first of all activates the heart in a very strong way. Hearts of Oak springs to mind when feeling this essence enter one’s being. It creates drive and focus in the heart. Gives you strength for a mission. Unswerving focus to attain one’s goals. Clarity of purpose, strength and determination.

Diminishes loneliness. Helps one feel connected to more than just the self. Opens your inner channels to a higher understanding of the connectedness of all things, just as the trees are all connected with each other. This is also about knowing that you are linked across distances to those whom you may not even know, but sense.

Helps one to receive and learn how to work with the old knowledge. This may well not be human knowledge but ‘other’ knowledge, that which we never knew existed because it comes from other realms, such as the tree realms. But the knowledge is old, as the trees themselves are some of the oldest and largest of living organisms on this planet. Listen to the trees and they will tell you how to solve problems, is the message from this essence. Learn to confide and trust in the trees.

Location:Minchenden Gardens, Christchurch, Southgate, North London.

Weather:Bright and sunny, but a cold winter's day with a setting sun.

Time:3pm, 13th January 2004.

Detail:This is the second Minchenden essence, taken in winter when the tree is resting.


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