Volcano - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Self-help, Changing Behaviour

Well Being
The nature of this essence is to promote well-being for the spiritual aspirant. Supporting the changes as you pass through them. Spiritual transformation can be a difficult journey. It is often referred to as the path of the Spiritual Warrior, and indeed, sometimes, many inner battles must be fought and many tests must be passed.

The pathway is often blocked by the inability to change one’s behavioural patterns, or break old habits. However, deeper issues than this are usually based around the inability to ‘see’ what needs to change, in order for you to move on.

This is the essence of Volcano. The action of the volcano can be seen as total transformation of the landscape and also transformation of the consciousness of the Earth in a deep cleansing purge, which brings to the surface old or inappropriate vibrations, of which, some will be harmful to the Earth. At the same time the turbulent volcanic action lays the foundations of rebirth of the surface landscape.

For rebirth of the landscape, we might say rebirth of the consciousness within the nature kingdoms therein too. Or simply, ‘rebirth of consciousness through transformation’. This is what the Earth Mother has given us with this essence, the pattern of her own transformation, so that we can enter into a journey of deep, inner transformation ourselves.

When gathering this Energy Signature, the Earth Mother made us wait so that she could connect us with the very essence of that ‘depth of transformation’ that she went through when the volcano erupted. We waited some 20 minutes as she opened a shaft deep into the core of the volcano and the molten magma beneath our feet. We waited another 10 minutes for the energy signature to be offered up to us.

The Earth Speaks: “When I was transformed in this region, my immediate consciousness went through turmoil, but very soon settled down into the patterns which could then give birth to the next phase of evolution on this part of the planet. This was laying the foundations for change, but also for cleansing of old, unwanted debris which no longer served my purpose.”

“The same energy which tore me asunder and released me from the grip of many trials and tribulations, is now with you, within this essence which I give to you.”

“You can now help yourselves in your own transformation, one step at a time, but with the knowledge that this essence will bring you the vision to see where the changes need to take place in life in order to bring about the personal transformation needed to reach the next level on your spiritual journey. It will always bring you the clarity to know where you are on your pathway. It will always let you know when changes need to be addressed.”

Location:Volcano El Teidi, Mount Teidi, Tenerife, Canary Isles.

Weather:Sunny and calm. The air was very thin this day.


Detail:The energy signature was received on the rocks approximately 6,000 feet above sea level within the volcanic crater of Mount Teidi.


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