Heart Chakra Booster - from Devic Essences


Keynote: Cleansing, Strengthening, Alertness.

On taking the essence, it unfurls the heart chakra in a type of rippling effect, which shakes loose old and sticky debris, pushing it into the central energy stream of the chakra, where it can be blown out of the system. This action is like a shrill and powerful wind which leaves the environment clean, lively and fresh.

The rippling effect acts on the outer shell of the chakra. The action is like when you whip a rope into waves. The chakra ripples in waves and flicks off the unwanted dross. As well as cleansing, this is also a strengthening effect which leaves the structure of the light within the chakra extremely clear and imbued with vitality.

As the process unfolds, the heart chakra also pulls in some higher frequency energies, such as blue from the throat. This higher frequency energy tends to ‘wake-up’ the chakra into a more vigorous sense of reality, and alertness. Expanding a little, the chakra sits up like an inquisitive cat and looks around to see what is happening. It becomes extremely finely tuned and is ready for action or change.

The invigorated heart then pushes backwards and opens a link into the central channel, pushing up into the higher chakras and the mind and then down into earth.

The earth-link creates a very good grounding effect, allowing the higher energies and mind to see and perceive your heart issues with great clarity, helping you to find a clear pathway of expression and improvement through your issues, bringing the necessary vision to determine how best to move forward.

At a physical level, this cleansed and strengthened vitality then reflects onto the physical heart, bringing a message of energetic clarity, improving the heart’s performance by the removal of any emotional dross which might impair that performance.

  • Good for anyone with emotional or physical heart issues.
  • Excellent for anyone doing work on their own heart issues.
  • Ideal for therapists working with clients with heart issues

Location:Red Bank, Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire.


Time:Early summer afternoon, 2002.

Detail:This is a purely channelled energy signature which was offered to me by the Guides one day, and so I took the opportunity of acquiring it, whilst the offer was there.


£15 plus P & P