Brain Energy Receptor - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Physical Repair, Clarity.

This essence acts firstly on a physical level to expand awareness through its action within the physical brain. Opening and pushing energy into places which have become lacking in energy, such as receptor sites. It activates the transmission of neurons resulting in a brightening of the energy generally within the brain.

On a subtle level this essence vibrates in the etheric body, brightening and strengthening the energy structure of the aura closest to the physical body. In turn, this then brightens and strengthens the mind.

An excellent essence for when you are feeling a little ‘numb in the head’, to brighten your horizons again. Also a good essence when applying yourself to study.

Calming to central nervous system. Cleansing the physical heart. Generally, healing energising and empowering. At a mental level brings clarity, harmony and strength. At an emotional level it is uplifting.

Higher Levels: The more we use this essence, the more it seems to be a multi-faceted wonder.

In one essence programme, the Guides selected it for work outside of the energy system in the Heaven Link, or Spiritual Energy Channel. It aligns a certain number of frequencies and matches these to the energy structure within your light body, so that when these higher energies are allowed to enter by the higher-self, as the evolutionary process is ready to unfold, it creates a perfectly smooth transition from present state to higher energy state. Therefore it can lay foundations for the evolutionary process at a very high energetic level.

Location:Red Bank, Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire.


Time:Early summer afternoon, 2002.

Detail:This is a purely channelled energy signature which was offered to me by the Guides one day, and so I took the opportunity of acquiring it, whilst the offer was there.


£15 plus P & P