Beech Hill Stones - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Learning Geomancy, Depth of Experience

Holding the Hands of Children
Holding the hands of children can teach us more than we can understand as adults, if we know how to connect, the way children do. Working with this essence is like holding the hands of children, but in a child-like way.

When children learn, they learn through connecting with others and having hands-on experiences. What the Beech Hill Essence does, is to ‘un-cloud’ the issues and allow you to connect with the fundamental nature of learning through child-like experience.

In particular, when learning to work with the Earth, this essence allows you to go very deep with ease, and to learn through the way the experience touches you, in a memorable way. A child would learn about colour by using crayons or chalks. The magic of the colour would unfold in front of them and the vibrations of the colour would imprint upon their minds in a very solid way. One might even say that the experience often touches a child’s soul, it goes so deep. When using this essence, it allows you to learn about energy by experiencing it in all its forms, but particularly the forms which your own gifts and talents resonate with most easily.

Experiencing the vibrations, the energies, the colours, the flows, the darkness, the light, the density, the lightness, the weight, depth and many other aspects of both mental, emotional and spiritual content which is held in the landscape. Not to mention the other life-forms such as nature spirit consciousness, which inhabit the same space.

The essence will activate within you that child-like receptivity and excitement when experiencing something new. It does this by activating old memories. It allows the consciousness to re-open long forgotten pathways into the mind. Memories of how your body, mind and spirit were so receptive as a child. It re-kindles the memory of that freedom and joy to just experience, without fear of rebuke or ridicule. That total openness to receive everything which is new and stimulating in a fresh, uncontrolled and uncontrived way. As it does this, the experiences go very deep, and form a foundation to build upon.

When using this essence, you will feel the energy connect at levels which leave an indelible mark within the consciousness. This begins to create an energy library of patterns and vibrations and information which helps one to identify energy signatures more easily as they are experienced. The essence creates a kind of jigsaw puzzle in the mind, where future experiences are immediately recognised and dropped into the right place in the consciousness for identification.

The essence also activates a very strong connection between the heart and mind as it allows you to melt into the energies, becoming one within other realms of reality.

This essence is excellent for the student, but also the experienced, as it reinforces what is already known and understood about energy, whilst allowing all to experience the energy in a deep and touching way. A life changing way, as it empowers and imprints the experience within you.

Location:Private Stone Circle. Ask permission at the house.Beech Hill College, Crowborough Road, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3HY.Tel: 01825 713215

Weather:Bright and sunny autumn day, with a chill wind.

Time:Between 11.00 and 11.30am, Friday October 17th, 20

Detail:I am instructed to obtain the energy signature in the northern quadrant, half way between the circle and the northern outlying stone.


£15 plus P & P