Stripple Stones Henge - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Spiritual Growth at Heart Level

Transmits a very deep orange light, almost red. Penetrates deeply into and acts directly within the front heart chakra, loosening up seriously heavy energy blockages. Also transmits through the rear heart chakra directly into the central nervous system and the spine, opening and reinforcing communication between the heart chakra and conscious mind.

Clearing Blockages at a Heart Level: By holding the subject one wishes to change or work with in the conscious mind and focusing the mind in the heart centre, this essence will soften the energy around the blocked issues, helping to dissolve them and freeing the patterning of the mind and allowing changes to take place. The mind can use this energy pattern as a tool with which to ‘dig’ into the heart centre at such a level that will allow one to physically feel the changes taking place. Powerful essence for one’s personal transformation at a heart level.

Spiritual Transformation: Strengthens the link between physical and etheric bodies, aligns the aura and chakras. Calms the mental and emotional bodies. Enhances conscious connection through all the subtle bodies of the lower self and links through the mind bridge into the higher mental body and intuitive plane. Promotes consciousness shifts into other realms, opening doors to other levels of one’s being. Brings spiritual transformation through personal transformation on the physical plane.

Location:Bodmin Moor.

Weather:Breezy, sunny and humid.


Detail:I took this energy pattern of the henge to the north east of the centre of what remains of the circle, a few feet from the fallen centre stone.


£15 plus P & P