Trippet Flower - from Devic Essences

Group:Healing, Psychic Protection

Keynote:Cleansing and Energising

Cleansing & Healing:Transmits a yellow light of many frequencies and densities, from a very solid colour to quite ethereal.

Spiritual Channel: The essence of the flower itself is highly connected with the Angelic Realms, as such it can help in preparing your spiritual channel to connect with these realms. Although a gentle energy, it has an aspect which can push your consciousness higher if driven by the inner intent and desire of the person to open communication with Angels.

Helps cleanse and clear the spiritual channel of ‘lazy’ energy which might just be hanging around with no useful purpose, thus creating focus.

Works in the crown chakra, opening and cleansing while preparing the crown chakra as a filter for incoming light. Opens connections which allow the entering spiritual light to penetrate and permeate the physical body at a cellular level, bringing cleansing and healing which acts directly at this level. It is like showering your insides with spiritual energy. Activates a detox at the physical level.

Soul Link: Opens a link between the heart and solar plexus chakra. Through meditation this will bring to your consciousness, knowledge of who you are at a deeper level, helping you see your own path more clearly, the knowledge of which will help guide you through your spiritual transformation and evolution, bringing a greater identity of your life’s purpose.

Also helpful in any soul link work, such as facilitating old, stuck energies into this life for clearing; and cleansing and preparation of the soul link for bringing through past life issues to be dealt with or vented through this present life. Speeding up Soul Issues into this life is also possible with this essence.

Grounding: Also increases a number of aspects of grounding, which indirectly then allow the higher self to allow more Higher Light into the Being. At the same time this grounding effect can help to resolve personal identity issues.

Psychic Protection: Transmits a vibrant, red light which permeates the aura providing psychic protection. It also activates the base chakra, reinforcing the energy flow to all the physical functions.

Endocrine System: Cleanses, balances and aligns the energies of the pituitary, pineal, thyroid and thymus glands. Also transmits a penetrating ethereal pale green light of very high frequency, which accesses an energy centre around the base of the brain stem. Reinforces, speeds-up and increases the strength and power of communication of the central nervous system at a physical level. May be helpful to M.E. and M.S. sufferers.

Location:Bodmin Moor.

Weather:High cloud with sun breaking through, warm with a gentle northerly breeze.

Time:11.30am Sunday 6th August, year 2000.

Detail:This energy pattern was obtained from a small yellow flower called Tormentil potentilla erecta. It was taken in the south east quadrant of the circle.


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