Trippet Stones No.3 - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Brave New World

Opening the Doors of a New Reality: Transmits and connects one with an extremely high needle-like frequency, brilliant, burning white light, coming down through the crown chakra directly into the heart chakra. This is the energy of personal truth from a soul level. Allows one to receive the clarity of truth at the core centre of the being at heart level, which allows the stripping away of misconceptions about the reality of all existence and where one stands within this space and time continuum. Strips away the anchors to doctrines and belief systems, allowing the person to become free to explore their spiritual selves. Connects one with a cosmic driving force, which pushes forward the speed of human evolution in spiritual terms. Helps make ready the spiritual aspirant to receive the truths which will spur them on in their own evolution, quickening the pace of learning at a universal consciousness level.

Clarity: It is particularly useful when trying to unfold and understand new perceptions about the nature of what we perceive to be reality. Especially in the realms of working with subtle energy, whether as a healer, psychic or Geomancer. As one casts off the weights which hold our consciousness in physical reality, this essence will help bring clarity and understanding of the part God consciousness can play if we will trust and allow it to manifest within us and within our work.

Receiving Wisdom: Anyone on the path of spiritual evolution may take this essence at any time. Allow yourself several hours of quiet meditative time and focus upon the subject you require answers to. Specialised Use: Take two drops under the tongue every hour during the session and concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing.

Location:Bodmin Moor

Weather:High cloud with sun breaking through, warm with a gentle northerly breeze.

Time:11.15am Sunday 6th August, year 2000.

Detail:This is one of three of the Trippet essences which were taken simultaneously on the some spot, but the Nature Spirits giving us three different signatures. A most unusual phenomenon. They were taken on the ground, n.n.west of the centre of the stone circle by about six feet. This was close to the edge of one of the earth currents,whilst being in the full flow of the other.


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