Trippet Stones No.2 - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Physical Repair

Creativity: Transmits the high frequency colour orange which enters at the brow chakra and travels directly to the sacral chakra. This manifests in physical creativity driven by insight and intuition. Good for any creative or artistic pursuit.

Physical Enhancing: Empowers the solar plexus, bringing strength to, and in turn empowering the physical system. Brings into harmony the myriad vibrations at the physical level. Activates the base chakra in a way which focuses and pumps energy into the physical system to bring about very necessary repair to physical structures. Creates strong bonds between the etheric, astral and lower mental bodies to the physical body, allowing one to experience more direct connection with the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the personality. Boosts the immune system.

Balancing & Grounding: Closes down the higher chakras of those who are too open or unbalanced, cutting off higher communication when the need arises, allowing one to focus more in the physical world in a balanced and grounded state.

Location:Bodmin Moor.

Weather:High cloud with sun breaking through, warm with a gentle northerly breeze.

Time:11.15am Sunday 6th August, year 2000.

Detail:This is one of three of the Trippet essences which were taken simultaneously on the some spot, but the Nature Spirits giving us three different signatures. A most unusual phenomenon. They were taken on the ground, n.n.west of the centre of the stone circle by about six feet. This was close to the edge of one of the earth currents,whilst being in the full flow of the other.


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