Devil's Arrows South - from Devic Essences



Healing the Physical Body: Transmits a golden light which penetrates and infuses the physical structures of the head and brain with golden light, correcting chemical imbalances at a physical level associated with depression. The golden frequency has a cleansing effect on the crown chakra. It balances and reinforces the chakra where it interpenetrates the physical body. Brings about great stability at a physical level. One could describe the effect as ‘The Golden Mind’, as when ‘seen’, it appears the brain and mind are bathed in gold. However, although working within the crown chakra, this golden energy does not have any effect outside of the physical confines of the body. Therefore, if blockages persist in the outer reaches of the crown chakra or subtle energy system, other remedies must be sought to correct this.

Also transmits a yellow frequency which is very close to the gold. This frequency acts as a cloud buster. A depressive person often has a formation of cloudy energy within the aura around the head. The yellow frequency dissolves this cloudy heaviness. It literally busts the clouds of depression out of the mind and lifts one’s spirits.

There is a synchronicity within the essence of the gold and yellow frequencies. They run alongside each other, aware of each other’s consciousness and purpose, but work totally independently at two very different levels of the being to relieve depression.

Grounding: Transmits a green light, resonating with the vibrations of the physical earth and strongly affecting the base chakra. With depression there is often a distinct lack of grounding. This green frequency is an absolute powerhouse, expanding and infusing the base chakra with energy and creating a very powerful grounding effect. Opens one to a very powerful link with the vibrations of nature.

Balance: The green frequency also expands the heart chakra which is the central point between the two extreme poles of the heaven and earth of the being, namely the crown and base chakra. The essence creates a very powerful central pivotal point in the heart which helps hold the crown and base chakras in a state of balance. As long as one takes the essence, it will work to hold this state of balance until the natural energies within the light body can once again support the structure unaided. Again, useful for the depressive state.

At a mental level, this essence creates a robust calmness of mood. At an emotional level, it cleanses the elements of the astral body within the aura and infuses this with the same frequencies of yellow light which work around the head. This creates a bright, glowing and strong aura.

It is important for the depressive person to get out into nature, to experience the frequencies of grass, trees, soil and rock directly upon their energy system. This is what the green frequency is trying to emulate, but there can never be a substitute for the real thing. Whilst outside in nature, there are many other frequencies which will work to assist the person and one should also invite the angels of earth, air and sunshine into the being.

Specialised Use: For depression, take three drops under the tongue, rub one drop into the centre of the sole of each foot, rub one drop into the heart centre and lie undisturbed for ten minutes.

Location:Near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire.

Weather:Overcast and drizzly.

Time:5.00p.m. Sunday, 10th September, 2000.

Detail:This energy pattern was taken at ground level, by side of the Southern Stone.


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