Trippet Stones No.1 - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Balanced Communication

Connection to the Physical Earth: Brings the human energy system into a state of balance with the whole of the Earth energy system. In particular it balances one’s energy with that of the Earth’s solar orbit, so that one remains in ‘orbital’ balance wherever you may be on the planet. Eliminates disorientation, improves the sense of direction and is ideal for travellers.

Channelling & Communication: Transmits and connects one with a high frequency colour of very deep blue, which is a spiritual channel. Links the consciousness to other star systems and universes to promote inter-galactic communication across other physical and none physical realities.

Opens the solar plexus to receive knowledge of and from extra terrestrial civilisations.

This is an excellent essence to allow the user to bring down cosmic energies into Earth for healing. Such as starlight energy, background cosmic energy, the energy of other galaxies and star systems, etc. If you can think of it and locate it out there in space, then you can bring it down with this essence.

This extra terrestrial energies can be used for a multitude of spiritual and healing purposes on Earth.

Location:Bodmin Moor.

Weather:High cloud with sun breaking through, warm with a gentle northerly breeze.

Time:11.15am Sunday 6th August, year 2000.

Detail:This is one of three of the Trippet essences which were taken simultaneously on the some spot, but the Nature Spirits giving us three different signatures. A most unusual phenomenon. They were taken on the ground, n.n.west of the centre of the stone circle.


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