Extreme Optimism - from Extreme Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Opening to the Opportunities


Extreme Optimism washes through your system cleansing every nook and cranny where negativity may lie.

Then it opens your consciousness to perceive what opportunities the Universe may be presenting to you at this time.

Opportunities are always there, but sometimes we cannot attract them or perceive them because of the darker veils within ourselves, which are always rising and obliterating our inner vision.

Extreme Optimism searches deeply within you and works to cancel out negative thoughts around not being able to receive. The inability to receive the good things in life comes from a place of unworthiness within. All of humanity is patterned at some level with this unworthiness at one level or another. Extreme Optimism helps to reveal where you may be blocking yourself, so that you can learn about this pattern within yourself.

This essence offers you opportunities for inner growth and expansion, but at the same time, creates a clearer inner vision so that you may create an abundance of opportunities for growth and expansion in the outer world of your everyday life, also.

Extreme Optimism has the effect of energetically opening your chest, like two great oaken double doors, welcoming the Universe. Allowing the Universe to connect with your heart and vice versa. Your heart then shows the Universe that you are ready to receive any opportunity that that the Universe chooses to send you.

Just think of the keyword, Expansion, for that is what this essence of Extreme Optimism offers you. Open your heart for expansion and think with every atom of your being that you are ready for expansion and growth.


With Love and Blessings.

David Ashwortn


Location: Given from the Source.


Time: 26th November 2013

Detail: Opening to Opportunties, Extreme Optimism washes through your system, cleansing every nook and cranny where negativity may lie.


£20 plus P & P