Extreme Gratitude - from Extreme Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Observing Gratitude


General Attributes of Positive Emotional Enhancers

Positive Enhancers can be used anytime and anywhere. One does not need to feel down in order to use a Positive Enhancer. As with the Negative Neutralisers, these Extreme Essences plumb the depths of your consciousness to do their work. When used on a daily basis, they continually access the deepest core consciousness of a specific Positive Emotion, motivating its magic and enhancing its radiance as it releases into your life. As the essence accesses the positive emotion, it rises from the deepest levels, flooding the emotional ocean with Divine Light and positive attributes. As this filters upwards into the surface consciousness, it continually strives to bring higher vibrational aspiration into your life.

The Positive Enhancers seek out the spark of Divinity within a Positive Emotion accessing the core of the energy to amplify and magnify its essence towards a pinnacle of perfected radiance. They find and kindle the spark within, which is the like of itself. That released Light is then radiated into the places of darkness and illumination takes place. Use these essences and just let it be.


Specific Attributes of Extreme Gratitude

The place of Extreme Gratitude comes from deep within the heart of God. It is as simple as that. How do we access such a place as deep as this? The place lies within our own hearts. When you can touch the deepest aspects of your own heart, there are moments when you will then touch the Extreme Gratitude that exists for everything that has been created in the whole of existence.

You may think that this is a pretty big package to open, and you would be right. At the same time, it is only ever a millimetre or one second away from your waking consciousness, but in a place so deep that you might need several lifetimes to access it. This essence is offered to you to assist in this momentous journey of touching the Extreme Gratitude that lies within the heart of God, within your own heart.

Extreme Gratitude is also a feeling, an appreciation, an open acknowledgement that you have seen something so awesome that you will never forget it and always have deep reverence and respect for it. What is the 'it' that I refer to? It is the all!

When you can sit and listen to the song of a bird and hear God whistling the tune through the bird, then you will be in such a place of Extreme Gratitude for that moment; and then sadness when the moment passes and is lost to time.

When you can hear the grass growing, you will be in that place of awe and have Extreme Gratitude for the deep inner silence that allowed you to experience it.

When you can feel the wind playing with you, as you walk amongst the bluebells, then you will acknowledge that there is something going on in life that takes a little looking at before you can understand and touch it. Even then, you may need to go through much transformation in order to perceive the truth of events that are happening all around you, within the great cosmic dance.

If you can step out of your humanity for a moment and just 'be' within nature, you will hear all your issues, stacked one upon the other, like the full shelves of a warehouse, all banging on the door of your heart to come forth and be acknowledged. Be in the place of Extreme Gratitude for having been able to witness them.

If you can listen and then hear deeply the truth in someone's heart, then just 'be' in that place of Extreme Gratitude for the experience.

If you can find your way into your own heart, then you will automatically touch that place of Extreme Gratitude that is within the deepest place within the heart of God, within the heart of you.

With the help of this Essence, try to connect with Extreme Gratitude for everything in the world, even though it may be uncomfortable. When you practice Extreme Gratitude for everything that 'is' your heart will open to even deeper truths.

Begin by trying to experience Extreme Gratitude for each breath that you take, for your breath is the gift that offers you the opportunity to be here on earth.

We offer you the essence of Extreme Gratitude so that you may make your journey into understanding that you are never alone and God expresses Extreme Gratitude for every effort you make to understand and give thanks to every aspect of life.


With love and Blessings

David Ashworth

2nd May 2014

Location: Given from the Source.


Time: 11h November, 2013

Reading Time: 2nd May 2014

Detail: This Extreme Essence has been brought to earth from the furthest reaches of time and the vast expanses of space through the cooperation of trees.


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