Pipers No.3 -THE LEANING STONE - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Harmony and Power in Relationships

Balance & Strength: Brings about a vibrational harmonising of the masculine and feminine aspects between two individuals and surrounds this state of balance with strength at a mental and emotional level.

Strength & Perspective: Allows two people within a relationship to face difficulties and hardships in togetherness, bringing a strength which is more than the sum of the two individual personalities at a mental and emotional level. Creates a strong bond at heart chakra level, allowing the individual chakras to open and blend harmoniously with each other, creating a feeling of oneness while maintaining the individual consciousness. Allows the couple to see more clearly, their long term future in togetherness. Brings strength and focus to planning for the future. Emotionally warming.

When to Take:-

  • In times of relationship disharmony.
  • At weekends when partners are spending more quality time together.
  • At any time when there is a need to feel closer.

Specialised Use: Both partners take three drops under the tongue and rub one drop into the brow chakra.

The activation of the brow chakra connection increases the perception of each other’s needs.

The Pipers Standing Stones
This set of three Pipers Essences has a very unified and connected feel to it, but displaying three totally separate energies. Harmony is the common thread embracing many levels of consciousness, through personal relationships, personal spiritual progression to spiritual communion with the Earthly realms.

Location:Cornwall, Just across the field from the Merry Mai

Weather:Overcast, but a calm and dry evening.

Time:8.00pm Friday 11th August, year 2000.

Detail:This pattern was taken from a crack in the north side of this leaning stone.


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