Fanfare - from Rebirth Essences

Keynote: Dissolving the Primordial Limitations of Fear.

Fanfare radiates the sound Aum into your heart, wrapped in the vibrational essence of gold. It announces the awakening and arrival of your God-essence into your life.

The Definition of Fanfare:  A fanfare is a short, showy, piece of music usually played on trumpets and announcing the arrival of an important person, such as a king or queen.

This Key of Liquid Light contains the sound of the earth element Gold; it gives off the vibrational sound of gold. Gold is represented by the two letters Au.

Au are the first two letters of Aum (or OM), the sacred sound aumkara औंकार, auṃkāra.

Aum is the vibrational sound of the cosmic dance of creation and destruction.

Aum is the name of God in its un-manifested form.

Aum comprises the potential of all the manifest and un-manifest worlds.

Aum encompasses everything and nothing.

Aum is considered to be the eternal sound of the God-consciousness creating creation.

Aum is the primordial vibration of consciousness which created the universe and signalled the Mother to manifest as matter.

This essence of Fanfare radiates the sound Aum into your heart wrapped in the essence and vibration of gold, the most precious metal of our Mother Earth.

The essence takes you on a deep inner journey to the knowledge of who you are at the very core of your being; at the very core of your soul; the primordial God-essence in your heart.

When you can see deep enough to be able to determine the energetic origin of humanity, you will see and perceive all the limitations that are layered within the consciousness of humankind. The greatest fear held in the heart of all humans is The Fear of Becoming God. It is based on:

  • Fear of Power
  • The Fear of Light
  • The Fear of Change and Transformation
  • The Fear of Love.

Fear can only exist where there is an absence of manifested Light. The energy of fear is what is termed Original Darkness, the darkness at the centre of humanity, hidden in the un-manifested truth of every human heart.

This essence will travel to the core of who you are: your God-essence! It will work at dissolving those limitations that prevent you accessing your core essence. It will allow you to shine as bright as gold in your heart, manifesting your desires in this world with the purity of consciousness that created all matter from the original sound Aum and the manifested Mother Earth.

Take not this Key of Transformation lightly, but take it with the due reverence and respect to the source from which it has been given to humanity. It has been given to awaken you to who you truly are at your deepest level of consciousness.

Fanfares are sounded at the arrival of an important person. Fanfare announces the awakening and arrival of your God-essence into your life.

When taking this essence, you may accompany it by sounding Aum (Om).

With Love and Blessings,





Reading Time: 08.02 4th March 2016

Detail: A Rebirth Essence: Given through Guidance with a Transmission of Light


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