Uprising - from Rebirth Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Expansion of the Inner Vision

Inner Uprising, floods light into your heart and mind.  Raises the courage to smash the old paradigms of resistance and fills your heart with love and joy creating desire for change.

Our understanding of an uprising is when a certain group within a community either desires change or is forced to change through circumstances, often through repression or over-control. Humans are like cells of the collective consciousness and when the collective consciousness no longer serves all the cells their basic needs, then the cells rise up and rebel against the greater collective, governing consciousness.

The heart of the individual acts in much the same way as a mass of disaffected people. When everything within our 'inner society' of the self is not balanced and feeding all our needs, something rebels and the most common form of rebellion is illness or dis-ease breaking out. By the same token, the heart sometimes becomes overburdened with a lack of joy, love, fulfilment or just plain old struggle, and then something rebels. Sometimes in this inner rebellion you become overwhelmed and head downwards into darkness and depression, and at other times, your heart awakens, infuses you with courage and tells you that it is time to step up, change things and move forward. At certain times though, you don't always have that energy to keep on getting up and moving forwards. This Essence will uplift you into change.

This Key of Liquid Light opens the mind and the heart at the same time. It floods light into both in a way that infuses drive, enthusiasm and joy into the heart and creates a feeling of invincibility.

It opens the mind to the reality around you and allows you to see what moves you need to make in awakening to the next expression of your Divine Self. It allows you to see where you are stuck or where you continue to hold on to worn out ideas.

It opens the heart to allow you to feel the joy in life and the joy in everything and infuses within you a knowing that you are a part of the great creation process. We are all a part of Creation and creation means to create and move forwards. It does not mean 'sit there and do nothing!'

This Key of Liquid light contains within it the rising energies of spring. The bright song of the joyous spring birds who are busy in leaving the winter behind them and rushing around preparing themselves for the creation season, when they will build nests and find a mate, or renew their vows to an existing mate. Together they will build their New House, for at the end of the last year they will have left their old house behind. Old energy, leave it behind.

This Key opens your heart and mind to possibilities and the Universe will always pour its light behind a process of creation. Allow your heart to expand and fill with light and see where that can take you. Do not fail to dream and dream big, for without imagination and dreams nothing will be created.

So, this Key of Liquid Light will offer your consciousness the opportunity of an inner uprising. It will pour into you the desire for change. It will infuse in you the courage to smash the old inner paradigm and allow you to move forwards with Love and Joy in your heart into your own inner uprising and rebirth. Carry your light into the world like a banner that flies before you.

With Love and Blessings.

Dave Ashworth




Time: 10.20am 21st January 2016.

Detail: A Rebirth Essence: Given through Guidance with a Transmission of Light


£20 plus P & P