Hellebore - from Flowers of Life Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: The courage to be one of the First

Keeps its head low so that it can’t be seen though.

A delicate green that hides itself, not like a bright flower.

Not needing to draw attention to itself.

Simplicity. A keen worker, but in the background. Bringing light and energy to the world at a sleepy time. A flower for early awakening.

Keen to work and display before others. Inner desire to burst forth.

Has a deep courage, but doesn’t want to show off.

Identity. Creates a sense of Knowing who you are.

Balances the desire to show itself, but also to hold itself in reserve, so that it doesn’t appear brash. Good for dissolving ego.

Has an inner need to be seen, but doesn’t want to appear brash.

Shows its beauty to those with the skill to perceive.

A keen desire to be in the world, to be the first, but holding itself in the place of power that does not need to make too much noise about itself.

Connects you with the Inner Knowing of who you are and your capabilities.

Not a bright and showy flower, so you have to look hard for it. People who are not into flowers would miss it completely. Therefore, those who are not fully awakened would not recognise you. Attracts those who are ready to receive.

Not needing to draw attention to itself, because of the inner knowing that it will be found by those who need it’s light.

Helps with early flowering of inner beauty. Early awakening of inner gifts. Helps with presence without ego. Helps you develop without being brash and showy.

Opens you to the glory of life, in a quiet way.

The spirit of the Hellebore nurtures a deep desire to be in the world and display your inner beauty, but in a reserved and controlled way.
It keeps it’s head down so as not to look the world right in the eye. It doesn‘t need to make a lot of noise to be seen. It’s desire to be in the world is powerful, but it doesn’t want to be seen as brash or showy, so it brings to the spiritual aspirant the courage to flower early, but keeping the ego in check, not allowing the inner gifts to boost the ego.

Encourages early development of one’s spiritual gifts, but not allowing those gifts to boost the ego. Allows you to show yourself to the world, but only to those with the ability to see and perceive your beauty.

Calls to those who are truly ready to see your inner beauty, rather than those looking for a noisy, egotistic display of bravado, like the giggly crocuses..

Helps you to stand in your power over the Fear of Being Seen. Helps push you into the world with a keenness to be one of the first.

It has depth and gravitas, allowing you to open the deep and meaningful aspects of your life journey from within yourself in the full knowledge that you are ready to work at this level.

It shades is face from the sun, which shows that it draws its power from the earth. It looks toward the Earth Mother for grounding, power and support and allows the sun to bathe the top of its head, knowing that the true source of power is from below.

It already carries a great illumination within it’s core. It carries the light of spirit, so it doesn’t need so much sunlight to support it as it’s own light from within does that work.

Helps you to connect with the Earth Mother and the true source of Power.

Simplicity. Drawing your Power from the Earth

Being in the world with great power, but blending in and not standing out. That is the way the work is done. Just by being.

Location: Heaton Park, Manchester.

Weather: A beautiful sunlit morning with strong energy.

Time: Between 11.00am and 11.4am, Thursday 11th March, 2010.

Detail: This energy signature was received from a small group of Hellebore flowers sitting beneath an Ash Tree.


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