Snowdrop - from Flowers of Life Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Deep Love and the Purity of your mission in this life.

The gentle and delicate shade of diamond white helps the Snowdrop to both stand out on the forest floor, but also to hide in the frost and snow, so we might say that this essence can be elusive or a changeling in the way it can become invisible during the transformations of winter weather. At once it can be bright and outstanding or subtle and hidden, but still radiant and blooming beneath the snows and this is the quality it brings to you today. As you take the Snowdrop Essence, the transformation will be effective, but sometimes radiant and sometimes hidden as it processes deep within you.

Snowdrop is cleansing in its purity, bringing the glory of new life to a new year or in the case of your spiritual transformation, a new dawn to your life. It is about the purity of birth before the passions and patterns of past lives, the old worlds and old ideas have had time to taint the life of a new born child. All life is sacred, but new life is pure in terms of its expectations and we might say that on the one hand there are no expectations, but on the other there is a great expectation of a journey of fulfilment as life unfolds.

And so, the tiny Snowdrop flower brings to you new hope as it reminds you of the purity of your ideas as you entered this world, taking you back to the time you were preparing for incarnation and reminding you of the journey you wish to take in this life. It triggers remembrances of the mission you embarked upon and helps you to keep on track with renewed focus.

The Essence of Snowdrop encompasses Purity, Beauty; Everything that is encapsulated within the consciousness of a flower, such as God on display and love radiating outwards as the energy and consciousness plays its tune in your heart, reminding you who you are and why you are here.

As the Snowdrop Essence connects with the consciousness of the flowers themselves, they open your heart to your deeper soul, bringing a deep connection with the Earth Mother. The Snowdrop then radiates deep peace and deep serenity into the core of your heart and with these qualities an inner quietness pervades the cavernous glory of your whole being, allowing you to hear your own message of why you are here. At the same time it helps you find the courage to truly stand in the purity of your truth, without fear. Ultimately, the Snowdrop takes you into a place of Deep Love, which is the essence of all things and the nature of God. Within the core of Deep Love, you may find yourself as that aspect of untainted God-consciousness at the core of all that is.

Snowdrop connects you with the God within you, which is that same God that is within every living thing. Snowdrop is the gatekeeper and the gateway of your New Dawn.

Rebirth: Snowdrop is the flower of Rebirth. It heralds a New Dawn; a New Day; a New Beginning of great opportunity. Snowdrop offers us that new beginning in the same manner of the death of the old and the rebirth of a new life, as pure as the babe entering the Earth Realm. Snowdrop contains the image of new life brimming with the excitement of possibility for an unknown journey of experiences. It fills us with the expectation of experiences full of wonder. It reminds us that the page of life has written upon it, 'every conceivable opportunity to be filled with the joy of God in every moment, which is the same as being filled with Deep Love.'

We are filled with Deep Love, but for most of us that Deep Love is so deep within us that it is difficult to remember who we are at the very core of our being. Snowdrop helps you to reconnect with that Deep Love at the core of your being, which is the core of all that is, which is the consciousness of God. You are God. God is at your core, use Snowdrop to remind yourself that your ultimate mission is to attain that which is within you at your core - God-consciousness!

Blessings and Peace


Location: Heaton Park, Manchester.

Weather: A crisp and frosty morning with fleeting sunny patches.

Time: Between 11.00am and 02.00pm, Thursday February 17th 2010.

Detail: This energy signature was received from a small group of Snowdrop flowers sitting beneath a beech tree.


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