Separation - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Being Loved into Wholeness

Think about the nature of humans. They have become separated from the God-consciousness and identified with the growth of the ego-self.  From birth, they entered into the world as free spirits fully connected with the Universe; the spirit of everything that beams forth out of the eyes of babes. And then we begin to programme them; to teach them our ways; to show them what we think is right and wrong, from the mind-set of our own programme. Eventually, they end up just like us.  What a disaster! How is it that we can take something so pure and full of the God-light and strip it bare until it has no idea what it is any longer, other than being full of the reflection of the ego-self of those around it.

The Essence of Separation is gentle. It is full of Love. It dreams itself into the reality that we have become as we lost our way in this world; as we lost that divine connection into the Universal Consciousness and everything that is.

Separation begins to gently prise away our artificial self, so that we can begin to glimpse the real-self beneath the tainted surface. It works to help separate the mind from the reality of the rest of our being, allowing us to perceive that we are not our mind.

Although Separation works with love and gentility, it is also very powerful. Slowly, it drives deep into you like a steel wedge, prising apart those layers that are not really you; the layers that have been accumulated over a lifetime of developing the ego-self.

Separation pours itself into your heart, illuminating the truth within. Connecting you to the God within so that you can begin to feel the difference between the real you and the artificial you. However, this can be a long process. It can take time and effort to begin to truly find and accept the real you. It is a process, a life journey. But once we start that process and truly ask for the help of the Universe, then the journey begins.

Separation can be taken any time in your life when you are looking for the answers to the way home; the journey back to Unity.  Allow Separation to love you into wholeness; to love you into one-ness. Just to love you with the Light of the whole Universe, which awaits your grace.

With Love and Blessings.


Location:Given from the Source


Time:7th October 2011

Detail:An Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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