Pipers No.2 -THE EARTH CURRENT - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Harmonious Spiritual Progression

Harmony: Brings a progression of spiritual harmonies between the elemental qualities of earth and mankind, enhancing unspoken communication via the emotions into many levels of consciousness. Brings every level of the being into resonance with the spiritual channel allowing spiritual insight to be more easily received.

Respect: Enhances respect for oneself and for others at a spiritual level and aligns one with the spiritual integrity in all things.

Grounding: Strengthens the grounding connection to the earth at base chakra level and brings the spiritual flow down through every chakra to meld with the Earth consciousness, thereby anchoring one’s spiritual connection firmly to the earth, allowing grounded evaluation of one’s spiritual perceptions.

Balance: In times of personal detachment and disorientation within one’s physical life, it brings connectedness to all things in a sphere of balance and harmony. Transmits and attunes one to the high frequency colour of purple, which is cleansing, uplifting and balancing.

The Pipers Standing Stones
This set of three Pipers Essences has a very unified and connected feel to it, but displaying three totally separate energies. Harmony is the common thread embracing many levels of consciousness, through personal relationships, personal spiritual progression to spiritual communion with the Earthly realms.

Location:Cornwall, Just across the field from the Merry Mai

Weather:Overcast, but a calm and dry evening.

Time:7.30pm Friday 11th August, year 2000.

Detail:This pattern was taken from the centre of the earth current, after it had passed through the upright stone, about 12 feet into the field where the leaning stone stands.


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