Illumination - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Illumination of the Heart

As the bird flies, it sees things that we do not. It sees things with perception as well as its eyes. Why does the fly move so fast when you go to catch it? Because it senses your electro-magnetic movement and threat. How do the birds fly so far without getting lost? Because they read the subtle energies of the Earth and know where they are. How can a flock of hundreds of birds swoop, dive and swerve in harmony, each knowing the next movement of the others?

Illumination helps you to see what you don't think you can see, for the thought itself precludes you from seeing it. This essence illuminates that which is within the earth and surrounding the earth. It tunes you in so that you can experience more through the expansion of your senses.

It is a Shamanic Essence. It helps you to see, hear, perceive through expansion within. It is a reflection of the Shamanic Teacher's heart, which is illuminated with the Truth of other realities. The truth, which this essence imparts, allows you to experience the shamanic communication, which, when all said and done, is more often through feelings and emotions, rather than words.

The heart is the 'all seeing eye' through which true vision and perception is experienced. As the heart opens, it allows you to experience things you cannot see with your normal eyes, for they are limited in the frequencies that they can perceive. But, the heart is unlimited in the ways it can be opened and developed and this essence is just one means of teasing the heart into light.

The birds twist and turn so quickly in flight as their hearts are all attuned to each other. They have a knowing of what to do and which way to go because their hearts are open.

Allow the light of Illumination to open your heart. Allow yourself to let go and feel the communication from the other realms. Allow yourself to perceive the Light of the Earth Mother. Allow yourself to see and perceive with an open heart.

As you surrender to the possibilities presented to you in this essence, your heart may begin to experience the fears of letting go and opening. The fear, if it comes, will be slight, but it will show you how the fear of opening holds you back. If you are ready for Illumination, then the fear will dissolve in the presence of this Light and the heart will open.

Blessings and Peace.

Location:Given from the Source


Time:3.00pm 12th May, the eve of the Spring Retreat, 2011

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


£20 plus P & P