Surge - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution


SURGE is an accelerator. Much as petrol is an accelerator for fire, Surge is an accelerator of your energy system and consciousness, but particularly for your creative processes.

This essence launches you like a rocket to help you catch any current Wave of Time that might be going through an acceleration process. When it is given through The Teachings of The Emerald Heart, it is given at a time when it will accelerate your consciousness to the speed needed in order to gain the necessary ground, attain the necessary speed, which will enable the illumination your inner being to a point where you can sense the movement within the Universe and feel your alignment in that process.

Surge will take hold of you by the seat of the pants and throw you onto the wave. Make no mistake, this essence will go so deep within you that it will leave no area untouched as it attempts to awaken your consciousness to the journey ahead.

It will work very strongly within the sacral area, awakening our spirit of joy and the essence of your survival mechanisms. It will try to connect you with the source, although this may be difficult for some of you to consciously hold this connection, but nevertheless, you will touch the source of all that is through the action of this essence. It will illuminate your Creation Point, the very centre of your Sacral Chakra. It will attempt to awaken the core of your being, to help you go beyond the mundane world of everyday consciousness.

We advise finding time to be still and just listen to the world ticking. Listen to the Universe creaking. Listen to the process of creation creating. Listen the deepest aspects of your own being and try to feel how you are connected into the life-force of all that is. The world is not separate. The Universe is not separate. You are not separate. You are a part of the whole and that is how and why you can influence the events of your own life, through this magnificent connection.

Try to spend some time with the beauty of a flower. Allow them to nurture you in their own individual way. They may not speak or communicate in a way that you immediately understand, but they know what is happening, as do the trees. They know what you are thinking. All forms of creation have that seed of original light within them and they know how to help you. However, what we need to remember as humans is that we are very dense in comparison to the subtle consciousness of many other life-forms.. Theirs is a light and delicate consciousness. Ours is heavy and full of the pollution of emotion and life. But look at the beauty they reflect to you and allow that reflection to be your guide. Allow the light of that reflection to enter your heart and assist in your awakening.

Even as we speak, Universal Consciousness is working very hard within you, but again our density tries to hold tight to old patterns and ways. Allow yourself to let go and allow Surge to 'throw' you, repeatedly, onto The Wave of Time, so that at some point you stick to it like glue, whence will carry you forwards into the next phase of creation, helping you to manifest all that which you have laid plans for.

Seize the moment when it comes, every time it comes - and see what unfolds for you.

Blessings and Peace.

David and The Guides


Location:Given from the Source


Time:10.45 on the 19th February 2011

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


£20 plus P & P