Spellbound - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Release from the Past

Connect your consciousness into the Universe and allow it to ride backwards through time; through lives enumerable; through times immeasurable, and on this journey you will pass through many scenes of your own past that have been less than perfect in the way you left them.

But life moves on and we pass from one life to another and there are things often unfinished which must then be revisited in future lives so that the record can be set straight and the chains from around your ankles taken away, so that you may learn to soar to new heights on your journey towards wholeness and oneness.

It matters not what the details of those unfinished processes are from previous times in the Earth realm and in human form in particular, but what we would say to you is this, the things that were unwholesome back then can stick like glue from one life to the next, like a spell cast in a moment of lack of understanding will cling to the person who cast it as strongly as to the person it was cast against.

As we enter a new phase, any new phase, be it a new month, a new cycle of the seasons, a new year, this is always a great time to look to the past and attempt to release ourselves of anything that is sticking to us and holding us back. However, what do we do about identifying such energetic matter if it was from another life?

If often does not matter if we have no understanding of the events that have past where we might not have acted without 'sin' so to speak, or acted against our own higher good and the purpose of our journey at any particular time. The events, people and times are long gone, passed away into history, but the energy, and to some degree the lessons to be learned, often remain.

With this essence of Spellbound, we are concerning ourselves with the old energies, which might be clinging to your present life from past experiences. The energy might be that which we have created ourselves, or it might be that which we have drawn to ourselves as a result of what we might have been trying to learn. It matters not the origin of the energy, as in either case, it was part of our journey of learning at that time.

In the case of deeds done unto others, such as spells being cast, broken promises, manipulation, subjugation, etc., it is time for us to ask to be released from that which we have done to others, which has attached chords of destruction to our lives, for everything reflects back to the source. So, if you do only good, then good reflects back to you.

In the case of a spell attached to us as a result of attracting that energy for our own learning purpose, it is time to ask to be released from it also. It is time to ask to be released from any source of energy that has been attached to ourselves or others as a result of our own actions and as a result of being who we were in those previous incarnations. It is time to be released from deeds done and received from others.

The Spellbound Essence speaks of being released from whatever clings to you and hangs over you from this life and others, but particularly from times gone by. This essence cuts the history of karma, for want of a better explanation. It seeks out that which dwells deeply within you, it cuts out the energies, like a knife cuts away a cancer. It burns away the toxic links to a past long forgotten, but not yet released from. It erases anything that it is time to let go of that would hold you back.

When a rabbit is caught in the headlights of a car, it becomes spellbound. It becomes numb with indecision. It becomes rigid with fear. It becomes locked in a moment of time. Perhaps we should say, 'a moment in time becomes locked in the rabbit,' imprinted from a moment of fear. The Essence of Spellbound will help to release you from those moments in time that are still locked within your consciousness, holding you in that place from which you cannot move on, whether associated with a fear or not. Spellbound will unlock that which is locked and release the energies of fear that might be associated with those past moments in time.

Let the spell be broken. Free yourself with the Light of Spellbound. Allow the release to take place. Allow the cleansing to begin. Allow a New Moment in Time to enter your Life. A moment of detachment and dissolution from the past.

Blessings and Peace.

David and The Guides

Location:Given from the Universe


Time:6th January, 2011, 17.25pm

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


£20 plus P & P