New Beginnings - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Starting Over

New Beginnings is almost a cliche in that we hear the term so often, but what we are putting into this Essence is the Truth of what a new beginning really is.

A new beginning is offered to you with every rising sun.

A new beginning is offered to you with every new moon.

A new beginning is offered to you...

every time you feel the desire to change

every time you choose to see something differently

every time you look into a mirror

every time you look into your heart

every time you choose to change the way you live

every time you  choose to change the way you eat

every time you choose to ask for guidance

every time you look at yourself

every time you look  at others

every time you look at the world and its issues

every time you take a breath.

every time you blink an eye

every time in every moment of your life


The Ability to See and Perceive

This is a phrase we use often. The Ability to See and Perceive, for sight does not come through the eyes alone, but also through every fibre of your being. When you can see and hear through every atom of your being, then truly you are sensitive to the things that are hidden and the Truth is then revealed.

There are New Beginnings within New Beginnings. The birth of this Essence was at approximately 7.30am on the morning of 30th November 2010, but by the time this piece was written, it had already grown and developed into something quite different. It began as an idea, as that is what we are full of. We gave the idea to David. His ability to See and Perceive was sharp enough to embrace the hint of that idea, and he developed it into a powerful beam of knowledge and truth which is linked so deeply into the Consciousness of God that this mere essence becomes unlimited in what it can do to bring change to your life. Quite simply, it is what you make it and it is what you can make of it. It is a doorway into wherever. A bringer of Truth. A revealer of the Divine. It is merely Truth in a Bottle. It will unlock you at whatever level you are ready to perceive your own Truth. You are the creator and only you will limit this essence.

David has this ability to See and Perceive Truth. David desires constantly to share that Truth with others who would seek it and between us, David and the Guidance that is given through The Light of The Emerald Heart, we never cease to uplift those who find the courage and dedication to consistently seek and face the truth of their reality.

This essence of New Beginnings offers you a New Beginning every time you take it. It offers you the seed of something that can bring change to your consciousness. Something that can stimulate things within you to help you see the Truth of exactly where you are on your path in any given moment. Most of all, it can help you see through the illusions that you create for yourself when you think that you are doing alright. Let us say this. When you can eventually walk on water, then you are doing alright. Until then, keep seeking a New Beginning. Don’t ever give up. Consistently seek the help and guidance of those who have walked the path before you and take whatever measures need to be taken to break yourself out of the cycles of repeating patterns, no matter how deeply rooted within you these may be.

Reach out for the choice of Truth and learn to live and love as deeply as you can in every moment and in return, you will activate the Law of Reflection that will bring ever more love into your life.

Create a New Beginning for yourself right now.

Blessings and Peace.

David and The Guidance

Location:Given from the Universe


Time:30th November, 2010, 7.30am

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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