Magma - Flowing Life - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Entering the Living Flow

The Earth Mother is many things composed of many elements, but all we need to understand at times is the simplicity of something, in order to connect with it deeply.

Magma is the flowing liquid life of the Earth Mother, the blood just below the surface or the Earth's crust, or similar to ourselves, just below her skin. Our blood flows everywhere within our bodies and in like manner, the Magma of the Earth Mother also moves and flows.

The nature of this essence is to take you deep into the flowing consciousness of the physical life-force of the Earth Mother so that you can take the first steps of a journey into deeper consciousness and growth.

Connecting with Magma is a first step to moving deeper. A first step to being accepted into that level of consciousness with the Mother. A first step to allowing your heart to begin to open and resonate with the deeper pulse of the heart of the earth.

There are many levels of consciousness within the Earth, but the first step is to begin to develop our hearts so that we can be taken deeper. As the Essence of Magma begins to illuminate your heart, the desire to seek the consciousness of the deepest aspects of the Mother also illuminate within you.

Once the heart is illuminated then the 'desire' for deeper communication radiates from you and the Earth Mother is alerted to this frequency of desire. She then begins to open her doors to allow you to enter her sacred space  -  one step at a time.

Magma is her first level of consciousness and once she invites you in and accepts you, then your consciousness begins to journey further into the depths of the physical Earth until you eventually connect with the consciousness of the Core of the Earth itself, although this may take a number of years. But each journey starts with the first step and Magma is a powerful step - an attunement - an initiation, which unlocks a process within you.

Blessings and Peace.


Location:Given from the Earth Mother


Time:13th September 2010

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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