Pipers No.1 -THE UPRIGHT STONE - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Harmony between Humankind and Mother Earth

Perception of Earth Mother Energies: Transmits the high frequency colour green, which opens psychic communication channels, particularly helping one to see the high frequency colours in the landscape. Helps one tune-in to the spirit of the landscape by bringing this into resonance with the consciousness of humanity.

Particularly helpful for those who work with Ley Lines, Earth Currents and Earth Geometries as the different frequencies employed in the life-force and structure are usually seen in high frequency colour.

Balances Yin & Yang: It aligns one with the masculine principle of the Earth Mother, bringing a strength to all endeavours. Strengthens, reinforces and uplifts the masculine aspect of the personality to align harmoniously with the feminine side. Balances the energy in both hemispheres of the brain. Aligns the consciousness with the Earth Spirits, such as Goblins, Dwarves and Elves.

The Pipers Standing Stones
This set of three Pipers Essences has a very unified and connected feel to it, but displaying three totally separate energies. Harmony is the common thread embracing many levels of consciousness, through personal relationships, personal spiritual progression to spiritual communion with the Earthly realms.

Location:Cornwall, Just across the field from the Merry Mai

Weather:Overcast, but a calm and dry evening.

Time:7.00pm Friday 11th August, year 2000.

Detail:This pattern was taken from within the crack on the south side of the upright stone, nearest to the Merry Maidens ring.


£15 plus P & P